Williamsport, MD to Middletown, NY

We left the campground at 8:30 this morning and crossed into Pennsylvania about 9:00.

(Gas is a little cheaper in PA compared to WV where they add on a road repair tax to the price.) It was another gorgeous morning–sunny skies and 83 degrees. Today we crossed the entire width of PA from south to north into NY through rolling hills of farmland. 

It looked a lot like our home state of WI with dairy farms dotting the landscape. A ridge of mountains paralleled the highway as we traveled along I-81. At Harrisburg, the capital of PA, we crossed over the Susquehanna River and went up and over the ridge of mountains (elev.1666 ft.) The temps dropped the higher up we went into the mountains. 

We spotted a huge mining operation at the top of the ridge.

We continued to travel up and down the mountain ridges and valleys reaching the highest elevation for the day at 1827 ft. in the Pocono Mountains. 

We crossed the Delaware River and into the state of NY as we followed scenic highway I-84 to the East. As we left the mountains, the temps rose into the 90’s.

After I gave Bob the wrong directions to find a gas station and he made a wrong turn later on as we were looking for the campground, we finally make it to Korn’s Campground at 2:45. Thank goodness for GPS.

The price for gas keeps going up the farther east we go. We paid $3.72 at our last gas stop in NY. It was a long, arduous drive of 267 miles today over some rough roads, dealing with construction and lane closures. The campground is 10 miles off the Interstate and in no-man’s land. Bob told the owner that we wanted a site where we wouldn’t have to unhook the truck, so he gave us a site in the group area all by ourselves.

Once we got all set up and the AC going, Auggie and I took a walk across the field to the rise on the hill. Bob spotted a doe at the edge of the trees, so I ran to get my camera. I was hoping we might see some deer in our campsite tonight, but we were lucky to see one so soon after arriving. 

We relaxed after a long day with some cocktails before dinner, checked emails, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Bob cooked salmon for dinner and we sat out under the canopy as darkness fell.

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