Wildwood, FL Day 2 Visit with Tom and Bridget

August 23, 2023 We had an easy, relaxing morning and some cleaning and preliminary packing around the motorhome to get ready for our trip home tomorrow. I wanted to pack up some of the things ahead of time because they will go into the Jeep, so it will be easier and faster to unload them once we get home. It was already 91 by 10:00 and it was going to be a warm day today. We left about 10:40 to take a quick drive through the rest of the campground before leaving to meet Tom and Bridget at their house at 11:00. They live about 10 minutes away. We found our way to the Villages without any problem. Tom gave us good directions.

We drove in and told the guard who we were going to visit and he waved us through the gate. We turned into the Village of Richmond where Tom and Bridget live and proceeded to Burgess Dr. to find their home.

We stopped to take a look at the Recreation area of their village where the pool, bocce ball, and shuffle courts were located before going to their house. The house was beautiful and had very pretty landscaping designed by Tom and Bridget.

We talked awhile outside about the landscaping and the neighbors that live nearby. We saw this machine cutting the grass while the Canadian owners were away. The neighbor takes care of their lawn for them.

Bridget gave me a tour of their house while Bob and Tom talked in the living room. They did an great job of decorating their home. Bridget let me look inside their new wine chiller. What an awesome collection of wine!

After Tom gave Bob a tour of the house, Tom and Bridget drove us on a tour of their village and some of the other recreation areas in the other villages. We stopped at Sawgrass Grove where they have a gorgeous outdoor entertainment area.

This is where McGrady’s Pub is located where we were going to have lunch.

We had a delicious lunch and great conversation. With good friends, it’s like time has never passed and we could take up where we left off.

We finished our lunch and got a tour of the Brownwood Paddock Square, an outdoor complex of restaurants, movies in a barn, and live bands performing 365 days a year on a log cabin stage. It had a old world Florida cattle ranch theme. Very cool! We drove back to the house around 3:30 and said our goodbyes. It was great to see Tom and Bridget and we wish they lived a little closer, but we made plans to get together soon!

We got back to the campground and let Auggie have some time outside. He was glad to see us. We didn’t need to eat dinner after such a filling lunch, so we got some things ready for our departure tomorrow and took our evening walk. It’s hard to get my head wrapped around going home tomorrow, but it’s time.

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  1. Bridget krasowsky

    It was so great to see you and Bob! Thanks for stopping by. Excited we all have plans to get together again soon! Bridget and Tom

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