West Glacier, Glacier NP, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 We slept later than usual today for some reason. We got up and got a few things ready for my brother, Randy’s, arrival around 1:00 today. Auggie got his walk and it was the start of a beautiful day. We had sunny skies and an expected high of 90 degrees. Randy arrived at 1:15 and we just relaxed a little before getting started on the fun. We took a drive into Apgar Village so Randy could see Lake McDonald. Randy was told by a local on his flight here that there are 3 things to see while you are in Glacier: 1. Lake McDonald 2. Going-To-The-Sun Road 3. Three large mammals (mountain goats/bighorn sheep, moose, and bears). I think we’ll cover all three and more by the time he leaves on Sunday. Our first stop was the obligatory picture in front of the sign.

We arrived in the village and found a place to park. We walked to the lake edge and got a good view of the lake.

On the green in the town there, we found 2 volunteer rangers who had set up 2 high power telescopes and were viewing the sun. One had a filter on it, so you could view sunspots on the sun, but there were none today. The view of the sun was awesome! The other telescope showed solar flares of which we saw one. None of us had ever seen one before! So cool! We walked down to the lake where the people and water activities were numerous.

What a switch from the cloudy day yesterday! We took a walk along the street and back before we moved on to the Lake McDonald Lodge. This was our second visit to the lodge, but this time I noticed the huge stone fireplace in the lobby.

We walked down to the lake and saw the tour boat, De Smet, resting at the dock.

We had a better view of the mountains today even with the haze.

We left there after we walked around a bit and headed back to the campground. As we left the park, a doe walked across the road in front of us. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry.

We sat and talked with drinks before dinner and ate a little later with chicken on the grill.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. We relaxed after dinner enjoying the evening coolness and watching the sunset. It was a gorgeous one.

Tomorrow we’ll take the drive on the Going-To-The-Sun Road. Randy’s agreed to do the driving, so that will give Bob a break. Off on another adventure!

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