Washington, D. C. Day 4 Monuments

June 5, 2023 I got up early to work on yesterday’s blog because I had a late night return at 10:45 after my night tour and I was tired. Bob slept in. We took care of some phone calls and then got ready to head downtown. Bob wanted to see some of the monuments and I wanted to revisit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in the daytime. I would be Bob’s tour guide today with all the information I learned on my tour last night. We took the Metro to the National Archives Museum and walked to the Circulator stop at the National Gallery of Art, just like we did on Sunday. We are experts at working the system now. Our plan was to hop on and off the Circulator to see the monuments with as few steps as possible.

Our first stop was the Jefferson Memorial. There were fewer people everywhere today so it made it a lot easier to get up close to the monuments.

From there, we got a good view of the Washington Monument on a perfect, blue sky day!

We hopped back on the Circulator and took it a little further around the Tidal Basin to the FDR Memorial. I enjoyed returning to this memorial. I got to take more time with it today, than I did yesterday. This was the first time for Bob.

Part of the FDR Memorial pays tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt as the first U. S. delegate to the United Nations. I didn’t get to see this area yesterday due to all the kids who blocked my view. Today, we were the only people in the area.

We hopped back on the Circulator to the Korean War Memorial. Bob was very interested in seeing this memorial.

We walked from there to the Lincoln Memorial. There were fewer people here today than last night! I spotted a man who had a camera hanging around his neck, so I asked him to take our picture.

The Washington Monument was standing at the other end of the reflecting pool. The bright light makes it hard to see. (My camera has a really neat selfie feature.)

Our last stop was the Vietnam Memorial Wall and we could take a short walk there. I really wanted to see the Wall in the daytime.

We caught the Circulator right near the Vietnam Memorial Wall and took the ride back to the Metro Station. It was great to rest our feet on the 30 minute Metro ride back. We jumped in the Jeep for our 10 minute drive back to the campground with a quick stop at Shoppers Grocery Store for a handful of items. We both relaxed outside with Auggie before dinner and watched some TV on the outside screen. It was such a beautiful day for touring around the city. The crowds were light and the temperature was perfect.

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