Virginia Beach, VA to Lumberton, NC

It rained a little overnight, but by morning the sun was out. We woke up this morning with camping reservations to stay on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but our plans were stopped dead in their tracks. Bob checked the National Hurricane Center website and it looks like Hurricane Isaac might be knocking on Florida’s door by the weekend. Our last week of vacation was set to be in places on the Atlantic Coast–not a place you want to be if the hurricane decides to head up the coastline instead. Either way, we need to be home if Isaac comes a-callin’ on our side of the state. I guess Hatteras and the Outer Banks just don’t want us to come. That’s 2 years in a row now we couldn’t get out there. Last year when we were in the area by boat, the weather didn’t allow us the opportunity to go and stay there either. Hatteras in August was not meant to be. So…this morning we changed gears and quickly made plans to be home on Friday with 3 long days of driving. When we were making our original plans for this trip, Bob was wise to suggest that we go directly to Maine and Nova Scotia and do our sightseeing in the other states on the way back. It was for this reason…. that we would be closer to home in case we had to run home for a hurricane. By 9 AM, we were on the road, recalculating our route, and making good time. We crossed the border into NC at 11:30 and ate our lunch on the road. 

The day was partly cloudy, light winds, and temps in the low 80’s. We reached our destination in Lumberton, NC at 3:00. We found our campground, Sleepy Bear’s RV Park, after driving 270 miles today.

I was kind of in a funk about having to cut our vacation short, but I’ll have peace of mind knowing we made the right decision once we get home and make hurricane preparations. Once we set up camp, we relaxed outside with a cocktail and Auggie got some fresh air and exercise. 

The sky clouded up and after awhile we felt the raindrops fall. We stored everything away and went inside until it stopped. We had a steak on the grill for supper and later took Auggie for a walk around the campground to check it out. We called it an early night, so we can get an early start tomorrow. We had traveled 270 miles today.

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