Venice to Crow’s Nest

It rained again overnight and in the early morning hours–but just a brief shower both times. The hatch over our bed started to leak, so in the middle of the night we had to do a quick fix. With a turn of the screwdriver, we stopped the leak. We had to dry parts of the bed with the hairdryer. Then all was well and back to sleep we went. We enjoyed our stay in downtown Venice, but the marina had no TV reception and there was no water on the dock. We decided to stay in the area another day and move to the Crow’s Nest Marina about 2 miles away. We had never stayed there before by boat, so we thought we’d give it a try. We left at 9:00 and arrived at the Crow’s Nest 20 minutes later.

After getting checked in, we toured the facilities. They have nice showers, a boater’s lounge, complimentary bikes, and a discount on dockage and fuel. Water on the dock and cable TV, too.

We took Auggie for a walk. He seemed to have a little bit of an upset stomach, so he rested a little while we headed to the beach. We grabbed our gear and walked to Humphis Park at the waterfront.

The sky was sunny and clear and there was a nice breeze blowing inshore to keep us cool.

We parked ourselves in the shade at Jetty Park and enjoyed watching the sunbathers and boat traffic entering and leaving through the Venice Inlet.

In fact, a police boat came screaming out through the inlet at full speed and raced down the beach with sirens blaring. We watched him until he disappeared from view. That was our excitement for the day. We sat at the beach doing some reading and watching dolphins and seabirds for a couple of hours.

I took a walk down the beach looking for shark’s teeth and shells. 

There weren’t many of either one, but there were a couple of turtle nests on the beach, roped off for protection–one dated as late as yesterday. This is definately turtle nesting season.

Auggie and I took a walk when we got back and Bob worked on some computer stuff for the Co-op. After awhile, I went to clean up and do a load of wash. Bob gave Auggie a bath “on the front half” since he threw up this morning and was a little stinky. Later, he met me in the laundry and finished up the load of wash while I went back to the boat. We relaxed with cocktails before dinner and grilled some steaks on the boat. It got quite breezy later in the day. Since we were sitting at the dock right near the inlet, we were getting some wave action from the wind and the current–bouncing around a little at the dock and hopefully things would calm off before dark. We have to check the weather in the morning to decide if we stay or go.

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