Tupelo, MS to Ozark, AL

August 7, 2015

We were up and ready to go in no time since we were already hooked up. We pulled out by 8:30 and were on the road under cloudy skies. It wasn’t long before we reached the Tenn-Tom Waterway.

It was a few years back that we had traveled down this waterway in our 46′ Ocean Sportfish as we brought it down to Florida.

In Alabama, we traveled on roads that took us over rolling hills with light traffic.

As we neared Birmingham, traffic was crazy busy and we could see the Birmingham skyline as we cruised through town.

After Montgomery, the skies darkened, the winds picked up and we saw bolts of lightning streak across the sky. It was in this same area near Troy, AL that a tornado ripped off the roof of the Wal-Mart yesterday.

As the highway took us past that Wal-Mart, the police were blocking the entrance and we could see the damage to the store.

There was debris strewn all across the street and on the lawns. People were out cleaning up the mess.

We ran into some light rain as we neared Ozark, AL.

It was so hot, that as the rain hit the pavement it turned to steam.

We arrived at our campground, KOA RV Park, at 2:30.

We pulled into our site and set up as quickly as we could because we heard a lot of thunder rumblings in the distance. When we are just at a campground one night, we like to stay hooked up to the truck. This was a nice campground.

Auggie got a quick walk around the pond to stretch his legs. We were all hooked up and relaxed a little when the skies opened up and it poured ….not for long, but the wind blew and it rained hard. The rain subsided after awhile and it was nice just to sit still and not move. Bob cooked dinner on the grill without any threat of rain and we had a nice evening. Tomorrow would be a shorter driving day.

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