Townsend, GA to Wildwood, FL

August 22, 2023 We got up on our own and were on the road by 10:00 for our 214-mile drive today. It was hazy and 83, but very muggy. Someone asked me yesterday if I was looking forward to going home. My answer was “no” for a number of reasons: 1) There is a lot of work to do to get the motorhome unloaded, the house opened up, and the yard tuned up. 2) Living in the motorhome is as comfortable as living at home. 3) I love to travel. 4) It’s HOT in Florida! Yes, I am anxious to see my friends and family and it’s time to head home. After all is said and done, all good things must come to an end. Back on I-95, we crossed the Altamaha River going south towards Jacksonville.

Near Brunswick, we crossed the Turtle River, the Brunswick River, and the St. Simons Sound. Georgia is covered with salt marshes throughout this area.

I-95 was a beautiful, 3-lane highway crossing the St. Marys River into Florida. Welcome home to us!

North of Jacksonville, we took the A1A turnoff to Highway 301. A1A is a beautiful 2-lane, newly paved highway with little to no traffic.

From there, we picked up Highway 301 towards Gainesville. Traffic was light there too.

We jumped on I-75 near Ocala and arrived at our campground, Wildwood RV Village, around 1:30.

We pulled in the driveway and were met by two Sandhill Cranes.

We drove up to the office to check in. I really like the saddle on the hitching post and the western look of the building.

The reviews mentioned about the noise from the trucks at the nearby truck stop, so we asked for a site further away from there. The park has tripled in size over the past couple of years and now there are 600 sites at this campground. It is HUGE. One other thing the reviews mentioned was that the sites don’t have picnic tables unless you ask for one and then there is a limited number available. It was not an issue for us, so we didn’t care. The campground is basically a large, grassy field, but at least there is grass. We were assigned site #68.

It was 93 degrees by the time we arrived, so we wanted to get plugged in right away to turn on the AC. Bob had to get out his hornet spray before we could plug in because there was a small hornet’s nest inside the electrical pedestal. He came prepared! We got plugged in and hung out in the cool AC to do some business, make some phone calls, and send some emails. Tomorrow, we visit our friends, Tom and Bridget, in the Villages. We are looking forward to seeing their new house and getting a tour of the area. As we took Auggie on his nightly walk, Bob’s comment to me was “So, where are we going next?” I love that he likes to travel as much as I do!

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