Stuart, FL Day 5, May 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and to my mom, my sister, my sister-in-law, and Bob’s daughter, Anne–4 of the most wonderful mothers I know. It was a gorgeous morning and we made plans on how to spend our day. Bob cooked our usual Sunday breakfast and we reserved our campsite for one more night. Bob gave Auggie his walk and I placed a call to my mom. We packed for the beach and drove the 15 miles to Jupiter Inlet. Jupiter Inlet can be a treacherous place for boats coming and going when the direction of the tides oppose the direction of the wind. This morning it would prove to be fairly calm due to a very light breeze. 

We approached the park and recognized that it was a holiday where everyone wants to spend a day at the beach. The park was jammin’ with people and we searched for a parking space. We got to the very end of the road where there was parking for Jupiter Inlet Beach and a space opened up right in front of our eyes. Our luck was changing! We couldn’t have asked for more a perfect spot to park.

We staked out our spot on the beach so we could see the boats coming in and out of the Inlet and one that was close to the water. I did some beach combing for shells and then took a swim. The water temp. was perfect–cool enough to be refreshing. 

Bob walked out on the pier to chat with the fishermen and watch the boats. He was in heaven! (He’s the guy with the blue shirt and white hat.)

Without much of a breeze, it was warm in the sun, but the swim cooled me off. I could see the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse from where we sat on the beach.

We spent the afternoon people and boat watching. Many families came out to spend time at the beach.

The water was a beautiful aqua blue and so clear! Around 1:00 the wind switched directions and became an on onshore breeze which caused bigger waves and whitecaps against the tide. 

We had to take our umbrella down for fear it would go airborne. Boats came screaming into the inlet in order to have maneuvering control against the waves. It was exciting to watch!

We left the beach around 3:00 as people continued to picnic and celebrate Mother’s Day. We got back to the campsite as the afternoon clouds rolled in. On the radar, it looked like we might get an afternoon thunderstorm and the thunder off in the distance might confirm it. We had cocktails at the campsite while Auggie sniffed out the geckos and enjoyed the relief of the cloud cover and a breeze. This would be our last night here. We really enjoyed our stay at this campground for the peace and serenity we found. This campground was so quiet and wonderful. The strong storms never came to the area and Auggie and I got in his evening walk. We had a light shower, but nothing major.We had a dinner of grilled chicken and relaxed away the evening. It was a great day!


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