September 6, 2019 Lake City to Palmetto, FL


We woke up with the sun and began our work on the trailer.  We like to clean the entire trailer for storage, so when we get home all we have to do is unload.  We did all that and were ready to leave at 10:00.  Traffic on I-75 was light and we had sunny skies and 83 degrees.  Bob was able to put on another lug nut, so we were more confident about the tire.  We did stop twice at 2 Rest Areas to check on the tires and all was good.  While on the road, we made 2 calls–one to the shop to get the tire bolts repaired next week and to make an appointment to do some maintenance on our large slide on the trailer.  On the drive today, we saw an RV bus broken down on the roadside which had blown out the driver's side front tire.  Pieces of the tire were all over the road and the bus was sitting on its tire rim.  Wow!  We know how scary that is!  The rest of the drive was uneventful and we arrived home at 2:30.  

Coming home is bittersweet.  We don't want the trip to end and we're not looking forward to all the work we have to do around the house and yard at home.  We are happy to be home safe and sound, being able to sleep in our own bed, and seeing our friends and neighbors.  Auggie is happy to be on his own turf hunting his favorite prey–geckos.  Squirrels are ok, but geckos are the best!  

It's been an amazing 2 months.  The weather was almost perfect.  In 61 days, we only had 4 days of light rain and never a total washout. We were able to see and do everything we wanted to do.  We saw some amazing new places and revisited a few familiar ones.  This country and its natural beauty always amazes me.  We had no problems with the truck, one flat tire on the trailer, and no close calls.  We met some amazing people from all over the country and hooked up with our NH friends in Maine and Wisconsin friends in Pennsylvania.  I have the pleasure of traveling with an amazing partner who is a great companion, cook, and camper.  We share the same love of nature, camping, traveling, and adventure.  We traveled 4,736 miles through 10 states. We spent a month in Maine's wilderness and in its coastal cities.  We averaged 10.5 mpg towing the trailer.  That's pretty good.  We've already started thinking and planning our next trip.  Making plans is half the fun!   We sure have lots of good memories to keep us going until our next adventure.   Thanks to all our viewers who have traveled along with us and for your comments along the way. We hope you enjoyed it!  See you again next time! Til then….happy trails!   Bob, Cindy, and Auggie


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