September 4. 2019 Lumberton, NC to Atlanta, GA


We both got up before the alarm at 7 AM.  What's up with that?  I guess we were anxious to get going.  We had our breakfast, prepped the trailer for departure, and were on the road at 8:00.  It was partly sunny and muggy with a temp of 77.  We could see some outer bands of clouds moving in from Hurricane Dorian and we were hoping to miss the rain today.  We traveled southwest on I-95 to Augusta, GA.  From there, we hopped on I-20 towards Atlanta.  It takes us a little out the way, but at least we're away from the coast.  Traffic was light going in both directions.

This overhead highway sign warned us that "evacuation was in progress and access to I-20 towards Charleston was closed".

We crossed the border into South Carolina and continued on with little traffic.

Our drive today would be a long one–332 miles.  Going east on I-20, there were a TON of electric utility trucks and semis carrying all-terrain bobcats heading east to the coast to aid the residents in the hurricane disaster clean-up.

As we crossed into Georgia at Augusta, traffic continued to be light.

Crossing the peaceful-looking Savannah River at the border, there was a sign at the Welcome Center telling people to stop in for information on the hurricane.  Savannah is the next target on Dorian's list.  

We arrived at our campground, Atlanta South RV Resort, at 2:45. 

Today's drive was 6 hours and 45 minutes.  This was the longest drive on our whole trip.  The temperature was now a steamy 97 degrees, but we would have another quick set-up by staying hooked up to the truck.  We were assigned site # B20, a pull-through spot. 

In no time at all, the AC was on cooling off the trailer.  Auggie got some outside time while we set up, but it was also too hot for him, so he didn't stay outside too long.  We relaxed a little before dinner and cooked pork chops on the grill.  I talked with a man across the road from us who was an insurance adjuster.  He had been called to come to help out in Florida on Sunday, but when Dorian took so long to arrive and didn't do much damage, he was sitting in the campground waiting to see where he would be called to go next.  It was interesting to talk to him about the situation with Dorian.  He was bored stiff waiting to find out where Dorian would go, so that he could go to work.  He said the whole campground was filled with workers like that.  As the sun went down and it cooled off a bit, we took our walk around the campground to see who was all here.  It's always interesting to see.  We relaxed with some TV and were thankful that other than a little bit of wind around Atlanta, we had a nice day for travel.  I think the threat of Dorian is behind us now and the rest of the drive home will be uneventful.  


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