September 30, 2018 Williamsburg, VA to Fayetteville, NC

It was another cool morning, but the skies were clear and cloudless.  We got ready to leave at 10:00 for our 251 mile drive today.  [I decided I wanted to try and ride in the trailer to see what goes on in there while we’re moving, so I rode inside from our campsite to the Office where we stopped to deposit our trash and recyclables.  I must say that it was quieter inside the trailer than I thought it would be, but it was bumpy, bouncy, creaky, but not bad.  I didn’t hear any pots and pans rattling or anything else although I’m sure traveling at faster speeds might produce more noise.]  I got back into the truck and we were on our way.  Bob was surprised that we were actually making this drive today on a sunny day and that he actually got to wear his sunglasses!  It has been cloudy and/or drizzly on our last driving days.  Traffic was heavy for a Sunday morning on I-65 towards Richmond.  Once we got past Richmond, traffic thinned out as we traveled south on I-95.  We crossed the James River bridge that looked a lot like the Florida Sunshine Bridge.
Looking down at the river, it was very high on its banks and brown.  
We crossed into North Carolina around noon.  
Shortly thereafter, we crossed over the Roanoke River which looked flooded.  The countryside had many fields teeming with cotton.
Other fields of peanuts, tobacco, and sunflowers looked ready for harvest. Some of the homes along the way, had blue tarps covering their roofs.  I suppose it was damage from Hurricane Florence.  Many smaller river tributaries along the way looked flooded too.  We found the Packer vs the Bills football game on Sirius radio and enjoyed listening to the game as we drove to our destination.  We pulled into our campground, Fayetteville RV Resort and Cottages, at 2:15.
The office closes at 2:00 on Sundays, so our paperwork was waiting in the box for us.   This was our first “late check-in”.  
We found our campsite, #46, without a problem and pulled in.  
Conveniently, it was half-time in the game, so we took the time to set up before the second half started.  We had a pull-through site, so we could stay connected for an easy departure tomorrow and set up was quick.  We turned up the radio in the truck and sat outside at the picnic table.
We sat in the shade with a nice breeze blowing and a temperature of 84, listening to the rest of the game.  The Packers won 22-0, so it was a great afternoon in more ways than one.  Auggie enjoyed his new digs and got some outside time.  He really blended in with his surroundings.
We took a walk to the dog park with Auggie before dinner.  He enjoyed his time running around in the park by himself.  
We grilled steak for dinner and had a very leisurely evening.   During our evening walk, we took the time to look around the campground.  It is a very nice place with large, private sites that have lots of space between them.  Most sites are shaded and have a cement patio–a nice feature. There is also a huge pool and also a lot of cottages for rent with some seasonal campers. Tomorrow, we would get an earlier start for our drive towards Savannah, GA.      

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