September 16, 2018 Old Orchard Beach, ME to Tuxbury Pond RV Resort, MA

(This morning when I went onto my blog to finish adding pictures to yesterday’s page, it wasn’t there. I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Then, when I went to try and find it, I lost all the pages of my blog from this trip.  Yikes!  Ah…the joys of technology!  I sent a “help” email to Tech Support at my blog website and was hopeful that they could help me with my problem.  Since this was Sunday, I would have to wait until Monday to get some help.)  

Last night at Old Orchard Beach Campground, the fog started rolling into the campground at 7 PM.  I thought for sure we’d be socked in with fog this morning, but we woke up to sunshine, clear skies, and 70 degrees.  We only had 60 miles to go today, so we took our time getting ready and pulled out around 10:30.  There was a lot of traffic on the highway for a Sunday morning and many campers left the campground by the time we left.  Once we got on the road, we finished listening to the final disc of our book-on-tape (with a little refresher on where we left off).  We took I-95, a toll road, south which would take us into the eastern corner of New Hampshire and then into Massachusetts.  Today was the beginning of our 8th week of being on the road–Day 50.  Sometimes when we spend multiple days in one location, it kind of feels like “home” where we are.  It becomes familiar and it doesn’t feel like we are thousands of miles from home.  I guess we can be comfortable and happy wherever we are.  Traffic slowed down and got really heavy as we neared the bridge over the Piscatagua River dividing Maine and New Hampshire.

We drove the 15 or 20 miles through the small bit of coastline New Hampshire has and then crossed over into Massachusetts.
Our exit for the road to the campground came right after we crossed the border and took us back into New Hampshire.  It was a narrow winding road that made us wonder if we were going the right way and what we would find at the end.
By the time we got to the campground, I wasn’t quite sure what state I was in.  We arrived at our campground, Tuxbury Pond RV Resort, in South Hampton, NH at 11:45.  

We took site # 46 and set up camp.  We arrived before the check-in time of 2:00, so they charged us an extra $10.  We didn’t care because we wanted to get set up in time to watch the Packer game on TV.
It is a huge campground at the end of a long road, but when you get there, it’s like “Wow”!  It has 2 swimming pools and lots of activities for the seasonal campers to do.

Half of the campground is in New Hampshire and half is in Massachusetts.  Our campsite is in MA, but 2 campsites down from us is NH.  Funky!  It has a mixture of RV’s, park models, cabins, tiny houses, and tents.  These are the cute little tiny houses for rent.

Bob worked on hooking up the satellite TV, but couldn’t connect with the satellite we would need to get the channel with the game.  Next, he tried the campground cable system.  That would only give us 5 channels and not the one that the game was on.  Yikes!  Our last hope was the antenna on the trailer for over the air TV.  Voila!  We were able to get the game and only missed the first quarter.  We watched the game and enjoyed the “down time”.  Bob cooked salmon for dinner and we took our evening walk to check out the campground.  It’s been getting dark around 7:30, so we have to take our walk a little earlier now.  We checked the weather for when the remnants of Hurricane Florence would make an appearance in our area and made plans to visit Boston tomorrow.  The rain is expected to arrive on Tuesday.


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