September 11, 2018 White Mountains, NH (Day 4)

It was a warmer morning that the past 2 mornings, but it continued to rain lightly–that nagging kind of rain that lasted most of the morning.  Patti and Mike were leaving today to head back home.  They started to pack up around 10:00 when the rain let up a little.  We offered to help, but everyone has their own routine.  Around 11:00, they were packed up and ready to go.  We said our goodbyes and bid them a safe trip home.  
We had such a good time hooking up with them and doing some camping together.  Bob and I hung around the campground until noon when the rain finally stopped.  We hopped in the truck and took the drive on the Kancamagus Highway.  It was 61 degrees and misting lightly as we climbed into the mountains.  The clouds hung low in the mountains as we continued to climb.
The last 2 nights of cold temps seemed to affect the color change in the trees.  There was quite a difference in the amount of color in the trees since Sunday when we were up this same road last.
The pictures don’t do them justice.

We reached the Kancamagus Pass at 2,855 feet.
From there, we made our descent and the weather changed.  There was no rain and the sun started to peek through the clouds.  What a change from the other side of the mountain.  We reached our destination, Sabbaday Falls around 1:00.  
After parking and paying the $5 user fee, we took the .3 mile hike.  It is one of the most popular waterfalls in New Hampshire.  
Sabbaday Falls has a 45′ drop.
It has multiple tiers and makes a 90 degree right-hand turn.
The main gorge was carved 10,000 years ago by the large volume of water from the melting glacier.The sand, gravel, and boulders carved out the gorge.  
This is the “punchbowl” which is 5′ high and falls into a circular pool 4′ wide.  

Then it plunges 22′.  After landing the waters turn right and plunge another 8′.  There is a clear pool below the lower falls.

The trail took us in a mini loop around and above the waterfalls on multiple levels.

We really enjoyed the hike to the waterfall and the informational kiosks along the way.  I would have liked to have visited some other waterfalls, but the weather didn’t co-operate and we ran out of time.  From there, we returned to the highway with a stop at the Sugar Hill Overlook.  From there, we could see the clouds hanging on the mountains.

Once we drove over the pass and down the other side of the mountain, the clouds and sprinkles appeared again.
On our drive back, we stopped in Lincoln at the state run liquor store and then filled up with gas in Campton before returning to the campground around 2:00.  It warmed up to 63 degrees and the sun peeked out of the clouds now and then.  We cleaned up the camper and put things away for our departure tomorrow.  Auggie enjoyed some time outside.
We had an indoor meal for dinner and Auggie got his evening walk. We watched TV before calling it a night.  Tomorrow we are off to Maine and looking forward to eating some lobster.

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