September 1, 2019 Wanchese, NC (day 4)


Well, the hurricane forecast is now part of our daily lives, but keeps on improving for back home in Palmetto, FL.  Before we left on this trip, we set up the house and 2 boats for hurricane season  so there was really not much to worry about.  We're more concerned about avoiding Dorian's wind and rain as we drive south through NC, SC, and GA on our way home.  It's a cat and mouse game!  We had a lazy morning watching the Sunday news shows and checking emails and phone messages.  Bob cooked his usual Sunday breakfast and we got ready for a drive into Manteo. 

We drove along the walking waterfront in Old Towne Manteo.  I walked out to the lighthouse at the end of the pier.  

It was a replica of an old lighthouse, but wasn't open today.  Walking around the deck of the lighthouse, I could get a feel of the wind and could see the waves on Roanoke Sound. 

I met Bob and we walked along the waterfront to the marina.  There was a boat in the marina named Bob.  How appropriate!

From shore, we could see the Elizabeth II docked in the harbor.  The Elizabeth II is replica of a ship that carried the English colonists to the New World.  We had toured it before when we were here with our boat on our Chesapeake trip.  

We also spent a few days in the marina in Manteo when we came this way before. 

 In the marina, we discovered a boat that was being used as a vacation yacht rental.  That looked like a cool idea!

There was also an Ocean Yacht in the marina like our old one.  It was the same size, but a year or two older.  It brought back lots of good memories.  We sure do miss that boat!

We walked the streets of Old Towne Manteo and stopped in a few shops.  The local eatery and brew pub, The Lost Colony Brewery and Cafe, was doing great business.  

We left there and drove out to Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo to see what was out there.  From there, we drove out to the tip of Roanoke Island to see if we could get a look at Fort Raleigh, but we couldn't see it from the main road.

We drove back in the other direction and did a little more exploring of Wachese. We discovered another boatbuilder that Bob had seen in his magazines.  It was the Spencer Marine and Yacht Building.

They had some of the largest sportfishing boats that we've ever seen in person sitting in the yard and in the nearby canal.  The bow flair on these boats is amazing!

 What sleek-looking custom-built boats!  We are always in awe of a beautiful boat!   On one of the back roads to the marina, we saw this house that caught our eye and gave us a chuckle–a TRUMP sign with the underwear hanging on the clotheslilne.

We went down a road that took us to the backside of Bayliss Boatworks and were able to see some of the boats in that yard across the canal. This one was a dandy!

We also drove past the Wanchese Marina which was busy at the Landing Grill.  There were lots of smaller boats in the marina.  

We ended up back at the trailer for cocktails and apps.  It was a sunny and breezier day than yesterday.  It's hard not to think about the hurricane that's coming this way later in the week.  For dinner, Bob cooked steaks and scallops that we bought yesterday.  Some campers left this morning and more arrived today.  It is too easy to get complacent about the storm with the beautiful weather that we've been having.   The winds calmed off tonight and the sunset was another gorgeous one.


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