Sept. 6, 2017 Palmetto to White Springs

Neither of us slept very well last night. I guess there was too much on our minds. We got up early and began our final prep of the yard/house before loading all our valuables into the back of the truck. Rain was coming, so we wanted to get things loaded posthaste. Bob was amazed at how much stuff I DIDN’T take and that there was still room in the back of the truck when we were done loading. I just decided that there were some things that held very deep, emotional memories and the rest of the stuff was just “stuff”. The memories with those things would still be there even if the actual “stuff” was gone. Around 9:00, we left after saying goodbye to our friends once again and were on our way back to the campground in White Springs to pick up our camper. What should have been a 3 hour drive became a 6 hour drive of bumper-to-bumper, stop and go, mostly stopped, traffic. Bob was really grateful that we weren’t pulling our trailer through this.

To add to the slow down, there was major construction on I-75 and a few accidents. At times, we got up to full speed, but mostly it was slow or stopped. Bob figured out our average speed was 25 mph for the trip. The slow down started just north of Palmetto and stayed that way until Ocala. After that, we were able to travel at regular speed the rest of the way. Surprisingly, when we hit the intersection of I-75 and I-10, traffic was light and there was no slow down. We got back to the campground around 3:00. We relaxed, had dinner, and went to bed. What a day!

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