Sept. 5, 2017 White Springs to Palmetto (Hurricane Irma)

We got up this morning with plans to continue on our vacation to a campground in Pensacola until….. we saw/heard the hurricane forecast. We had a lot of discussion and a change of plans was decided upon. We would leave the camper where it is in the campground and drive the three hours back home ASAP. We would pick up our valuables, do more hurricane proofing of the yard/house, spend the night, and drive back tomorrow to White Springs. Then we will move on to Pensacola, New Orleans, and west from there. The drive back to Palmetto gave us the time to make a list of things to do once we got back home. We also made some phone calls to campgrounds in Pensacola and New Orleans that we had reserved. We had to make some adjustments with our reservations to make up for the day we’ll spend in Palmetto. Everyone was very accommodating. Surprisingly, the campground we’re staying at in New Orleans, didn’t have any problems from Harvey, so we’re good to go there, UNLESS Irma decides to change her path. Adding to the stress, the campgrounds in the state of Florida evacuate the campers and close up when a hurricane is in the area, so we wanted to get back to the campground in time to get our camper out. The traffic was heavy in areas and normal in others on I-75, but we made it home in no time. We fueled up right away and began our preparations. We checked in with friends in Palmetto to make sure everyone had a plan. We talked with family and friends outside the state to make sure they knew our plan and that we would keep in touch with them to let them know we were safe. Tomorrow we’ll finish up and leave for White Springs to get our camper. For now, we’ll watch the weather forecast and WAIT!

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