Sept. 4, 2017 Stephen Foster State Park, Day 4

The campground cleared out this morning with all the Labor Day weekend campers going home or moving on. It was a warm, mostly sunny morning. We were heading into Lake City today with 3 destinations in mind:

1. Lake City Medical Center to get my 9 stitches removed in my forehead. (Don’t ask!) Everything went well.

2. Stop at Wal-Mart for some things we needed/forgot.

3. Visit Camping World in search of an RV cleaning product we wanted.

Once our “missions” were completed, Bob treated me to a quick lunch and we were on our way back to camp. The rest of the day was spent getting things ready to leave tomorrow. Our next stop will be Pensacola for 2 nights. We will have to call ahead and check on the situation in New Orleans, our next destination, in case there are some left over issues from Hurricane Harvey. Speaking of Hurricane Harvey, we may have to adjust our visit to Texas (San Antonio, Austin) and make it a stop on the way home instead. We’re already aware that going through Houston, as we originally planned, might be out of the question. Flexibility has got to be the key! The worst case scenario is that Hurricane Irma, out in the Atlantic now, may head right for Florida and we will have to go home. We’ll keep Irma in our sights for the next few days and pray for the best.

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