Sept. 28, 2017 Las Vegas, Day 2

We slept in with no special place to go. We noticed that people were bringing their dogs to the dog park to let them socialize this morning. The dog park is divided into 4 sections so that dogs can have their own space or be with other dogs. In one section all the little dogs were gathering, so we thought it would be a great opportunity for Auggie to get to know his neighbors.

It was good until a small boxer came in and wouldn’t leave Auggie alone. So much for that. It was fun while it lasted. Around 10:00, we left the campground to run a few errands. We stopped at Findley RV to get some caulk, Pet Smart for more of Auggie’s dog food, Home Depot and Sam’s Club for a grill part, the post office to mail something, and Walmart for some groceries. Las Vegas is an amazing town. No matter which direction you look, you see mountains. 

We got back to the campground and Bob spent some time investigating what was happening with the bubbles he discovered on our roof. He noticed the bubbles up there while we were driving the other day. After an examination, he thought the roof membrane might have detached itself in some of the strong winds we’ve had and that the adhesive failed. We would need to do something so that more of the roof wouldn’t become detached. That would be a disaster! Bob made some calls to RV dealers in the area, our RV manufacturer, 3 different repair guys, multiple service departments, and he checked the Internet for information and videos on how to do it. All the RV service departments were booked until, at the earliest, Tuesday of next week. We made an appointment as a last resort, but Bob wasn’t done making calls. He put a call into an RV mobile repair guy who was also busy, but he gave us the name of someone else who was available to come and do the repair tomorrow. He came recommended, so that was perfect! It took all afternoon to finalize someone to come and do the repair, but my prayers were answered! Auggie and I spent the afternoon sitting outside in the shade enjoying the quiet and a cool breeze. This is a beautiful RV park. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a dip in the pool.

We had burgers on the grill and watched the Packer vs Bears football game which started at 5:15 here. At least we’ll be able to stay awake with such an early game time. Earlier this morning, we did some research on visiting Hoover Dam and taking a tour. They were not offering any tours because the elevators have been out of service for 2 weeks and wouldn’t be working again until maybe next week. Bummer, but we’ll still get to walk on the dam and check out the Visitor’s Center. Since 9/11, there has been high security at the dam, so all vehicles will be searched. When we called the dam today to check, the man said they would want to see inside the closed bed of the pickup truck and look through anything that is in there, so that means we have to unload our boxes of valuables that we have been carrying with us since Hurricane Irma. Not a big deal! The plan is to visit Hoover Dam tomorrow morning and be back in time to meet the repair man in the afternoon.

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