Sept. 25, 2016 Topsail Hill Preserve SP Day 2

We had a leisurely morning with Bob’s usual Sunday breakfast.  It’s always a treat to have him cook breakfast on Sunday mornings.  This is the first Sunday that we haven’t been moving to another campground, so we took advantage of it.  We researched where to find the closest sports bar to go watch the Packer game.  The maintenance man in the park suggested the Red Bar in Grayton Beach, about 10 miles from here.  We hopped in the truck about 11:30 and took the drive.  It was easy to find in the cute little beachfront community of Grayton Beach.  Parking was very limited, so we circled the block once and a spot opened up right in front.  We’re lucky like that!  

Inside, we found a duo playing music that was really good…..and really loud.  The place was jammed with wall-to-wall people.  We explored the next two rooms where the TVs were, but found no empty seats anywhere.  It was a really cute little place with a lot of character.  We thought everybody in town might have been there.

We decided that with the music, even if there were seats available, we wouldn’t be able to hear the game anyway, so we left and drove back to the first sports bar nearest the campground.  It was called the Steamboat Bar and Grill. 

We arrived 5-10 minutes into the game, but found it pretty empty inside.  (I guess we should have come here first.)  We found great seats, ordered beers, and had some wings while enjoying the game.  Unfortunately, the AC in the bar wasn’t working and they had no draft beer because the tappers weren’t working properly.  We ended up having bottled beers and sweating a little, but at least the Packers won 34-27 against the Lions.  We drove back to the campground and took a ride through the tent and cabin area to check it out before going back to our campsite.  There weren’t many people camping in tents (I don’t blame them) and the rental cabins looked really nice.

Back at our trailer, we relaxed a little and watched the Buccaneer’s game.  The campground had emptied out a little today from the weekend campers, but there were also people arriving. We were both pretty full from the wings we had at lunch so we had a lite dinner.  We took a nice long walk around the campground after dinner and walked over to the pool to check it out.  The weatherman is forecasting cooler temperatures during the day and at night.  We are looking forward to that!

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