Sept. 21, 2016 St. Joseph Peninsula SP to St. Andrews SP

Today we started off the day by opening the door to see a doe and her new fawn (still spotted) grazing across from our campsite.  The fawn was kicking up its heels as mom grazed along.  What a nice way to start the day!

We are moving on today to the Panama City area and St. Andrews State Park, about 68 miles away.  This morning at 11 AM Bob had a conference call with the manager and board president regarding Co-op business.  He had to drive a short distance to the boat launch where the cell reception was better.  I hung around at the campsite with Auggie and got the trailer ready to travel.  While Bob was gone, I vacuumed and swept the floors, cleaned the bathroom, and set up the trailer for travel.  (Sounds a lot like housework, doesn’t it?)  All we would have to do when he got back, would be to pull in the slides, unhook the water and electricity, and hook up the truck.  [I forgot to mention that last Sunday when we got to the campground and were setting up, Bob couldn’t get the rear passenger door to latch closed on the truck.  We were worried that if we couldn’t get it to latch, it might fly open while we were moving.  We even joked about me sitting in the back seat holding the door closed or tie it closed to be sure it wouldn’t open.  Bob messed around with it for awhile and did get it to latch, but it definitely needs to be fixed.  We waited until Monday morning to call the service department of the Ford dealer in Panama City.  Bob also researched that there was a recall on Ford vehicles for a spring in the door that was defective and didn’t allow the door to latch.  Our truck is not part of the recall because it’s too new, but it is definitely under warranty, so we made an appointment to take it in for service on Thursday at 9 AM.  They had to order the spring, but it would arrive on time.  It would only take an hour and a half to replace it so we can wait.  Things will work out great if it all comes together.]  Bob returned from his conference call at 12:30 and we hooked up the trailer to go.  We were out of the campground by the checkout time at 1:00.  Our drive today would be mostly through populated areas.  We crossed over the man-made canal that was dug years ago to connect the Inter-coastal waterway (ICW) to the Gulf for commercial boat traffic.

Later, we crossed the ICW where we came by boat years ago.   We also had to cross a few bridges (not Bob’s favorite thing) before we got to Panama City.

From a distance, we could see the coastline rimmed in white sand beaches.

We passed by Tyndall Air Force Base where cars were waiting in line to get checked in.

We drove right by the Ford dealer where we will have to go tomorrow for service so we know where it is.  It will take about 20 minutes to get there in the morning.  We arrived at the entrance to the park around 2:00 and checked in.

The park sits on a barrier island and many of the campsites are on the water.  We had reserved site #68 and settled in. 

I walked over to the kayak launch to get a view of the bay. 

We could see the marinas across the bay from us.

We took Auggie for his evening walk around the campground.  It was another hot day, so we waited until later when things cooled off a bit.  On our walk, Bob spotted a huge Jiffy Pop.  LOL

Along the way, Auggie decided that he wanted to check out what might be hiding in this pipe.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to go in too far, but he did get a good look.

The campground was quite full for being the middle of the week.  There are many water sites that would have been nice to have or even a pull-through site with a cement pad and more space, but when we reserved our site, we took what we thought looked good for the time we wanted to be here.  As we walked through the campground, we spotted this tent potty.  We’ve seen them other places before, but not for quite a few years.  I guess they’re still around.  It must be quite handy for tenters.

I know my mom would have loved to have one of those when we camped years ago. Right Mom?   Darkness fell and the mosquitoes came out, so we went in. We have a busy day tomorrow.

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