Sept. 17, 2017 Big Spring, TX to Clovis, NM

It was an easy up and out today at 9:30 since we left the truck hooked up to the trailer last night. We discovered from the manager, that the bathhouse/restroom at the campground was also built as a tornado shelter. Great idea! It was a cooler, 77 degree morning with thin clouds and what turned out to be a tail wind which would help with gas mileage. This morning, we got the flat TX look with lots of oil derricks pumping away and a number of larger oil derricks doing the same.

Bob gave me a lesson in fracking this morning as we saw some fracking operations taking place and HUGE fracking holding ponds as seen here.

There were fields and fields of these small green plants. We have tried for 3 days to figure out what they were because there were thousands of acres of them. I got Bob to slow down, so I could take a picture and zoom in to see what the white things were on the plants. We had guessed correctly. It was cotton,but it didn’t look like the cotton plants we were familiar with.

Yesterday, I researched sorghum on our iPhone to see what it was and we recognized it when we saw it today. Woo-hoo! As Bob said, “It doesn’t take much to get you excited.” We stopped for gas in Lamesa–a town that looked like it was dying from the outskirts of town, but once we got further into town it seemed to be doing great and gas was a surprising $2.39. South of Lubbock, TX, we ran into a little rain, but it didn’t last long. The sun finally came out and the temperature rose to 82. North of Lubbock, we saw orchards of pecan trees, vineyards, and corn fields. Driving on secondary roads, you get a different feel for the local agriculture and manufacturing in the smaller towns. Traffic was very light today on a Sunday and there were very few semi-trucks on the road. We listened to the Bucs vs Bears football game on Sirius radio. We did one more fill up before leaving TX where gas was still $2.39 in Farwell, TX. We crossed the border into New Mexico and changed over in time zones to Mountain Time at 1:45 (now 12:45) so we gained an hour. That was nice!

We pulled into our campground, Traveler’s World, in Clovis, NM at 1:10 and took pull through site #7. It is a very nice campground with new facilities. We stayed hooked up to the truck so it would be an easy out tomorrow.

We set up camp and finished listening to the football game where the Bucs beat Chicago 29-0. Love it! 

We relaxed a little before dinner and the rain came with huge drops. That was a nice relief from the heat! We had dinner and Auggie got his walk. The temps started to drop once the sun went down and it was very pleasant outside. We watched the Packer vs Falcons game on TV, but barely made it to through the third quarter when we had to call it a night. I guess we were still on Central time and couldn’t stay awake any longer. We move on to Albuquerque for 3 nights tomorrow, where we’ll take a day to explore Santa Fe as well.

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