Sept. 13, 2017 Beaumont to San Antonio, TX

San Antonio here we come! This will be the first of our “must see” destinations on this trip. Now we can finally say it’s official. We are on vacation! We left the campground at 9:15 and it was about 90 minutes to Houston. As we left Beaumont and traveled west, we first noticed some huge refineries. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of those throughout our travels in Texas. We found out that Beaumont has one of the largest concentrations of petroleum refineries in the country. 

Bob noticed a row of dead grass attached to the fencing lines along the Interstate. It dawned on us that that must mark the high water line where it was flooded and the water deposited the loose grass. The grass mark on the fence was about 4 feet high. It’s hard to imagine the flooding that took place here. As we neared Houston, we got a glimpse of the downtown skyline.

Driving through downtown Houston, we saw high water mark poles along the Interstate where the flood waters had risen. A policeman told us the water was chest deep in that area. Those were the only visual reminders that we saw of Hurricane Harvey in the downtown area, other than a few boarded up businesses. Outside of town, there was this “bayou” area that is supposed to drain excess water and serve as a run-off area. The dead grass along the both sides marked the high water level.

Traffic was heavy at times going right through town. We commented to each other that we hadn’t seen many RVers on the roads these last 3 days. Maybe it’s too early for the snowbirds to be on the move and families with kids are back in school, so September seems to be a good month to travel.

We saw many US flags flying on buildings throughout the Houston area along with the Lone Star Texas flag.

You know you’re in Texas when you see billboards like these.

The road between Houston and San Antonio travels through the countryside and is marked as a scenic highway on the map. We were inundated with love bugs that splattered themselves on the front of the truck, the windshield, and the front of the camper. Ich! Tomorrow we’ll wash them off before they get baked on! We passed over the Colorado River and were soon in San Antonio. 

We arrived at our campground–Traveler’s World RV Park at 2:30 and took site #62. It is a very nice park.

We have a Good Sam’s membership and with that we get discounts at campgrounds, gas stations, etc,, but with that membership/discount we were told that we could have a choice of only certain sites in the park. I was thinking that we would get something less desirable because of it, but we have a beautiful shady site near the pool and dog park. It’s perfect! Same concrete pad, same grass as all the other sites. It just goes to show you that what one person considers less desirable, another person considers perfect.

We will spend 3 nights here after our drive of 285 miles today. Gas prices are a little higher here at $2.37-$2.59. We did see one gas station just outside of Houston that had gas for $1.89, but that had to be wrong and we had already filled up our tank. We set up camp and cooled off from the 94 degree day. Auggie loved the campsite with trees and bushes ….and, of course, squirrels. There was lots for him to explore. Tomorrow we’ll spend the day exploring the Riverwalk area in San Antonio.

I put out my flag at the campsite and all is well.




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