Sept. 12, 2017 New Orleans to Beaumont, TX

Keep on camping! 

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we left and we’re finally getting somewhere. After waiting for the report of Irma’s damage to our home yesterday, It is weird to think that we can actually get on with our trip. We are happy to hear that so many of our friends and neighbors had little or no damage in the park. We packed up the trailer and pulled out of the Three Oaks and a Pine campground around 9:30. We would be traversing the entire state of Louisiana today from east to west. The road was busy, but not too heavy with traffic. We did see lots of generators being transported east and a fleet of the “Cajun Navy” (5 or 6 airboats) going in the same direction, maybe going to Jacksonville to assist with flood rescue. I’d like to think that anyway. We also saw 8 Serve Pro trucks and many Emergency Rescue Teams (FEMA) on the move east. It’s reall cool to see so many people from all across the country coming together to help one another. Once we got through Baton Rouge, we crossed the Mississippi River over a huge bridge.

Looking down on the river below us, we could see tugs pushing barges as they worked the river.

For over 20 miles, we drove on an elevated road over the marshy area and Lake Bigeaux. From above, we could see gators swimming below in the water.

Louisiana has some of the worst roads—a regular washboard!! We crossed quite a few bridges today, and if you know Bob, you know why I even mention it, but he had a “white knuckle” drive today. Gas was running $2.29-$2.34 in Louisiana. Once we crossed the TX border, gas prices dropped a few cents to $2.25. The Sabine River marked the border between Louisiana and Texas. Bob and I had never been to Texas before, so it was a totally new experience for both of us.

Right off the bat, we could see the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey along the roadside. Piles of people’s personal belongings lay in heaps along the roads up and down the streets. I had forgotten that Harvey was here just a short time ago.

Road surfaces greatly improved in Texas. We arrived at Hidden Lake RV Park at 3:00 and took pull-through site #30. 

I sat outside with Auggie while I waited for our wash to get done at the laundry. It was conveniently located across from our campsite. The park was pretty full, but very quiet.

It seems most of the campground is full of workers who are helping clean-up after Harvey in one way or another. The temperature here in Beaumont was a very pleasant 85 degrees, with a cool breeze. After dinner, Auggie and I took our walk around the campground to check out the hidden lake and a whole other section of the park with campsites on the lake. It is a very nice RV park. 

We relaxed with a little TV before calling it a night.

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