Sept. 10, 2017 New Orleans Day 3

We slept in and woke to another sunny day here in New Orleans. Normally, if we were home, we would spend our Sunday morning reading the newspaper in bed, but since we had no paper, we substituted with my tablet to watch the latest weather update. After that, Bob made his usual Sunday breakfast for me. Today, we had some projects that we wanted to complete–anything to get our minds off of Irma taking aim on Florida. Bob worked outside on some things he wanted to do. I busied myself with things inside. We checked in with family and friends all day as people wanted to know where we were and what we were doing with regards to the hurricane. The skies turned cloudy late in the afternoon and the winds picked up and became gusty. Right around dinnertime, we had a brief shower. Is it Irma reaching out her nasty hand? Later, we watched some Packer football–a pleasant way to take our minds off of all things “Irma”. They beat Seattle, so that was even more sweet. More campers arrived today and we had to make sure we would be able to stay for a few more days if we needed to. No problem! The campground was filling up.

A bus pulled in next to us from Miami. He had stopped in Pensacola at the same campground we were in, but decided that it was still too close to the storm, so he continued to drive on to New Orleans. He said he stuck it out for Andrew and that was enough. His house was destroyed and he lived in his travel trailer for almost a year while he rebuilt. Yikes! He was a little freaked out and nervous. Everyone has a story to tell. Tonight, will be a difficult night with Irma expected to arrive in Palmetto overnight. Tomorrow will tell whether my prayers were answered.

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