Sept. 1, 2017 Palmetto to White Springs, FL

It was a sunny, 89 degree morning. We loaded up the trailer with the last few things–refrigerator and frozen foods, additional clothes, and we’re ready to go. Ooops! Don’t forget Auggie! We “hurricane-proofed” our home to protect everything for the time we’ll be gone. Both boats are secured on land, so we are good to go. If worse comes to worst and a hurricane does have Palmetto in its sights, we will high-tail it back home.

Traffic was heavy most of the way on this Friday morning of Labor Day weekend. We had one short slow-down after Ocala, but otherwise we made good time. We are staying at Stephen Foster State Park in the historic town of White Springs. White Springs is a small rural town on the banks of the Suwannee River which flows right through town. It is Florida’s first tourist attraction. Since we have never been here before, we have lots to explore over this long weekend. 

The park sits right in the heart of downtown. We checked in at the office and arrived at site #38 around 2:00. 

By 2:30, we were set up and relaxing in the AC.

Temps had climbed to 94 degrees by the time we arrived. The campground provides a lot of privacy between sites and was only about 60% full. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting things squared away in the trailer–finding places for everything. Everything found its place in time for dinner and some TV viewing. The sun sets now around 8:00, but it gets darker sooner in the forest. Auggie got his evening walk before the mosquitoes came out. Tomorrow we’ll do some exploring in the park and around town.

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