Savannah to Selma, NC

All was well yesterday until about 9PM when the trailer started shaking. I asked Bob if he was making it do that and when he answered “no”, we both got up to look outside. Out there, the wind was blowing and there was lightning in the northern sky. The wind was warm, blowing the Spanish moss from the Live Oak trees. Bob and I walked around the trailer securing everything and preparing for the storm. We checked the radar to discover there was a severe thunderstorm warning for the area until 10 PM. About 9:30, the power went out and the rain began. The “lightning show” was something else! Since there were no lights, TV, or AC, we decided to call it a night and go to bed. We tried to sleep in the heat, watching the lightning flash outside, and waiting for the AC to come back on. The power returned about 90 minutes later when we heard the AC kick back on. The rain stopped at some point during the night and we woke up to partly sunny skies and 77 degree temperatures with light winds. We filled up the gas tank at the campground and were on the road by 9 AM heading north on I-95. We saw some trees down and branches littered along the highway from the storm last night. Leaving Georgia and crossing into South Carolina the highway became a boulevard with trees lining both sides of the road. It was beautiful!

We stopped at a rest area to check the tires and look inside the RV to make sure everything was secure. The highway was rough in some areas and we did a lot of bouncing around. We crossed over Lake Marion near Santee, SC where there is a state park right on the water.

Traffic was pretty light for the most part today, but a lot more trucks were on the road. We ate sandwiches that I made last night while we were on the road, but made a quick stop for gas. Auggie was in his usual spot fast asleep. 

We arrived at our campground in Selma, NC at 2:30. RVacation Campground is a very well-maintained campground with all pull-through sites. We were assigned #D2 with a view of the lake.

The campground was not very full, but a few more campers came in since we got here.We met the man next door who arrived in a travel trailer by himself…..but not alone. He had a black lab, a grey parrot, and a cat with him. The parrot could whistle better than me and make sounds like a phone and a doorbell. The parrot was quite entertaining. After setting up the trailer, Bob noticed that a tire on the trailer looked flat. He checked the tire pressure and it was 20 psi……VERY low. When he checked them at the rest area earlier in the day they were fine. Hmmmmm. He called AAA to come and change the tire for us. The AAA driver arrived in about 10 minutes and had it changed out in about 15 minutes. In looking at the tire, we discovered that the tire had a whole chunk of rubber missing. We are SO lucky that we didn’t have a blowout on the road!

After AAA left, we unhooked the trailer and Bob took the old tire to get a replacement put on the rim at Ronnie’s Country Store. Auggie and I stayed back at the trailer to work on the blog. The tire store was about 8 miles back down the road. They did the work right away and Bob was back at the campground in about an hour. By now, it was time for a cocktail! We relaxed in the AC before dinner since the temps had gotten up into the 90’s again. Bob cooked some swordfish on the grill and we made sure to check the weather report for tonight. No more storms I hope. We had traveled 338.7 miles today and relaxed as darkness fell.

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