Salisbury, MA to Old Orchard Beach, ME

June 21, 2023 We were awakened by our phone weather alerts from home around 5 AM. Severe thunderstorms were moving through the area with strong winds. We tried to go back to sleep and finally got up around 8:30. We only had 58 miles to go today to get to our campground in Old Orchard Beach so it would be an easy drive. We prepared the motorhome for departure and were on the road at 11:45. It was a sunny, cool morning of 64 degrees.. We hopped on I-95 and within minutes we were at the New Hampshire border which was only 5 miles from our campground. It was only about 20 miles across the southern tip of New Hampshire to reach Maine. We would be crossing the bridge over the Piscataqua River which separates New Hampshire from Maine.

The middle of the river is actually the dividing line between New Hampshire and Maine. Farther down the river, we could see some interesting movable bridges. The one in the background is the World War I Memorial Vertical-Lift Bridge. A large overhead plaque on the bridge reads “Memorial to Sailors and Soldiers of New Hampshire who gave their lives in WWI. The bridge in the foreground is the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME.

We arrived in Maine around 12:30.

The scenic drive was short and traffic was light. The highway took us through Portsmouth, NH as we traveled north to Saco, ME. A sign along the road said, “Watch out for moose in roadway.” We should be so lucky to see a moose! I am moose deprived!

We took I-195 to Saco and our destination, Old Orchard Beach Campground. We have been to this campground a few times before and knew exactly where it was and what to expect.

Arriving at 1:00, we checked in at the office.

We found site #149 by ourselves which was located in The Grove section of the campground.

The campground was very quiet. Some people might have been out and about doing something. Many of the campers here are seasonal, meaning they leave their RV in the campground during the week while they work and then come back on the weekends. We’ve found that to be true in many of the campgrounds we’ve been in on this trip. We were told by the office that the kids just got out of school last week, so that’s why it hasn’t been that busy. Our site was large and there was no one right next to us on either side. We noticed that the truck RV with the cool green graphics that left yesterday from our campground in Salisbury is also here. We spotted him right away as we pulled in. After we got set up, we each relaxed in our own way. I did some reading outside in the sun. Bob relaxed inside watching TV. Auggie sat outside with me and kept close tabs on the squirrel that passed nearby. We made fahitas for dinner and took our walk around the campground like we always do to see where other campers are from and what type of RVs they have. We made plans for our time here in Old Orchard Beach (OOB). There is a lot to see and do.

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