Rodanthe, NC, Day 5

We had a laid-back morning and Bob cooked our usual Sunday breakfast today because tomorrow we would be on the road. Around noon we gathered up our beach gear and headed to the beach for an afternoon of relaxation. We did lots of reading and checking out the beachgoers. The tide was in and the waves were breaking really close to the shore. 

Sometimes the waves would actually wash up the beach and cause everyone to go scrambling. It was really fun to watch. The water was colder than yesterday and the wind off the water kept the temperatures down. I alternated my time between the sun and shade.

We spent about three hours there and returned to the camper to sit outside and enjoy cocktails before dinner. Bob grilled chicken and I walked Auggie before the sun went down. We heard music and spotted Dizzy’s ice cream truck as he cruised up and down the streets selling ice cream to all the kids.

 As the sun set, it streaked the sky with different shades of orange and yellow. It was beautiful.

We watched a movie and put things away for our departure tomorrow. We really enjoyed our stay at Camp Hatteras and the Outer Banks in general. This is as far north as we’ll go, so we are heading to Lumberton, NC. for an overnight stay on our journey south.

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