Robbinston to Old Orchard Beach, ME

July 14, 2023 We woke to the alarm at 7:00 and busied ourselves to get ready to go by 9:00. Mary and John left at 7:30. We were all going to the same campground we were in a couple of weeks ago in Old Orchard Beach. It was a foggy, cool (58 degrees), and damp morning. Hilltop Campground was a nice place with friendly people. We would stay there again. Auggie gave me the eye again about sitting back on the sofa by him so Randy could ride in the front seat. I have been on this drive before so it wasn’t new to me.

Auggie eventually settled in for his nap.

We pulled out of the campground at 8:45. The tide was up–the highest in the morning it’s been since we’ve been here.

We traveled Highway 1 to Calais where we picked up Highway 9 to Bangor. We ran into some heavier fog along Highway 9. As we moved south, the fog finally left us and we saw patches of blue sky. We got a view of Peaked Mountain near Bangor.

We crossed over the Penobscot River in Bangor and the sun finally came out.

We started seeing those moose signs again on our drive south on I-95 and I-295 toward Portland.

Traffic was heavier near the bigger cities, but we had no delays along the way. Randy was notified that his flight was an hour late, so we didn’t have to rush. We had time to spare. We arrived in Old Orchard Beach Campground at 2:00 and checked in.

We were assigned site #118 and found it without any problems.

Mary and John were in site 160 which is right next to the site we had when we were here before. They arrived around noon and are staying for 4 nights. We are moving on in two days to Lake George, NY. Later, Randy was notified that his flight was now on time. We took Randy to the Portland airport at 3:45 after taking a walk with Mary around the campground.

He had a 5:45 flight to Chicago Midway. Bob and I returned to the campground after dropping him off and we sat outside with cocktails before dinner. It was great to spend a week with Randy doing the thing we both love….camping. We had fun and shared lots of laughs!

We had dinner and took Auggie for his walk around the campground and returned to watch some TV. Tomorrow, we can sleep in. We have no immediate plans for the day. The pineapple I grew was finally ripe and I picked it. We hauled it around for 8 weeks on this trip, so it will be good to finally enjoy it for breakfast.

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