Red Lodge to Emigrant, MT July 2, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 We slept like logs after yesterday’s adventure. I had taken so many pictures yesterday that it was hard to choose which ones to use in the blog. The pictures don’t begin to do it justice to the beauty of this area. Well, enough about that and on to today. The temp was 50 degrees this morning and should warm up to 80 quickly. I am so excited that we will be able to spend 4 days near Yellowstone and do the 4th of July there. We pulled out of the campground at 9:00 and were on our way. We crossed the Yellowstone River in the city of Columbus.

Then the highway followed the wide Yellowstone River for many miles. 

The smoke from the Canadian wildfires was thick today–so thick that we couldn’t see the Crazy Mountains looming high ahead of us. What a shame! The scenery would have been beautiful if we could have seen it.

Today we had light traffic and no wind. A little wind might have been helpful to clear out the smoke from the fires. We continued to parallel the Yellowstone River as the highway passed through the valley between the Crazy Mountains and the Absaroka Range. The river carved out the land and created some beautiful cliffs.

We had this rocky bluff on one side of us….

and these snow-capped mountians on the other side. The closer we got to them, the easier it was to see them.

We turned south at the city of Livingston on the road that leads to the north entrance of Yellowstone Park. We arrived at our campground, Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park at 11:30.

Our campsite sits with a great view of the mountains.

The Yellowstone River runs swiftly in our “backyard”.

We settled in and put out our 4th of July decorations. We will be here to celebrate the 4th and visit Yellowstone Park.

We hung out enjoying the scenery and did some wash. I worked on getting caught up on my blog. There were a lot of pictures to post and it took quite awhile. We had another Sunset Trails trailer like ours pull into the site behind us. What a surprise that was! We had to compare trailers for sure. We had a later dinner and then took a walk along the river with Auggie. 

He met so many dogs on our walk. We have seen so many dachshunds on this trip….more than in all the years Auggie has been with us. This campground does not have firepits at each site. They have a community firepit and have a campfire for everyone in the park to come and enjoy. We’ll have to check that out one of these nights. I sat outside finishing up my blog while I enjoyed the sunset over the mountains.

It didn’t get completely dark until 10:30. Wow! Tomorrow we’ll visit Yellowstone Park and I can’t wait!!

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