Pictou, NS to Moncton, NB

It was a soggy morning from all the rain we had yesterday. At least it wasn’t raining while we took down camp. It was cloudy and 67 degrees with patches of blue sky trying to break through. We were driving over familiar roads on our way back to New Brunswick. We crossed the border into New Brunswick around 11:00 and stopped to get a little gas to use up all our Canadian currency.

The skies started to clear a little as we made our way west. We arrived in Camper City at 12:00 for the night. We were here once before on our way to Nova Scotia and liked the campground, so we decided to return. They have a nice laundry facility, too and I really needed to do some laundry. While Bob went in to register us, I started the wash in the building next door. We then went to our assigned site and set up in less than 10 minutes. We didn’t have to unhook the truck from the trailer, so that saved a lot of time and that will save time in the morning too. I did some vacuuming in the trailer while I waited for the wash to get done. I then went back to do some reading in the laundry, while I waited for the wash to dry. Bob and Auggie came by to help carry some clean wash back to the trailer. I hung around doing more reading and waited for the rest of the wash to dry. Bob and Auggie went back to camp. Bob redid the bed and gave Auggie a bath in our shower. Bob said he really seemed to like it and was very co-operative. This was just an overnight stop and since all our sightseeing had already been done, we just relaxed and watched a little TV. It was still kind of gloomy outside and sprinkled every now and then. Tomorrow, we cross the border into the states. No more high gas prices, liquor prices, and 18% sales tax. We have new places to explore.

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