Palmetto, FL to Englewood, FL

Today’s the day! The weather looks good and we planned to pull away from the dock at 9:30. We locked up the house, said our goodbyes….again, and got on board. Bob started the motors and we untied the lines. Ten feet from the dock the port motor died and wouldn’t start up again. I grabbed the line and pulled us back to the dock where we tied up again. Bob went down into the engine room and discovered that the port engine water pump was leaking antifreeze. It had sprayed antifreeze all over. After Bob uttered a few choice words and I shed a few tears, we got off the boat and said, “That’s it!” After further examination, Bob decided he could replace the water pump and amazingly enough, West Marine had the part in stock. He worked on the boat that afternoon while I had to get as far away from the boat as possible. I went to St. Petersburg for the afternoon to watch the Incredible Dog Event to take my mind off of things. When I got back later that afternoon, Bob was done replacing the water pump. We discussed what we should do at this point. Our 2 month trip, was now cut down to 3 weeks and Bob had no confidence in the boat to take it as far as Miami. We decided to cancel the boat trip and take the travel trailer to Miami instead. We would leave on Wednesday, so we could make plans and get the travel trailer ready and packed. That’s the plan for now.

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