Palmetto, FL Home Sweet Home

August 25, 2023 This is my final post for this trip. I would like to thank my loyal blog readers for following along with us on this trip. We hope you enjoyed sharing it with us! It was another remarkable adventure spending time in some gorgeous places–some familiar and some new–from Florida to Maine. We got to visit with friends and do some camping with family, an added treat! Looking back on the past 101 days, the weather never stopped us from doing anything we wanted to do, so we were lucky that way. We had one major breakdown early in the trip and recovered from that with no other incidents that couldn’t be fixed ourselves. We did some hiking, biking, boating, off-roading in the Jeep, and a lot of sightseeing. We ate a lot of lobster and met a lot of friendly, helpful people. We visited a lot of lighthouses, waterfalls, historical sites, natural wonders, and experienced some gorgeous mountain views.  I am lucky to be able to travel with the best travel buddies I know.  Thanks, Bob, for taking me wherever I wanted to go.  He is a true adventurer and nature lover like me.  Auggie is a great little travel companion to both of us as well.  We are already talking about our next new adventure for 2024!

Here are some interesting details from our trip:

·        We traveled a total of 4,550 miles in the motorhome towing the Jeep.

·        We traveled a total of 2400 miles sightseeing in the Jeep.

·        We bought 523.5 gallons of diesel fuel usually priced under $4.00/gal.  We really shopped around.

·        We got 8.7 mpg on the average in the motorhome.

·        We visited 16 states plus Washington, DC.

We made lots of new memories and took tons of pictures. Until next time. . .  Happy Trails!

                                           Auggie, Bob, and Cindy (A, B, C)

(People ask me how I have time to write every day.  If we had a travel driving day, I wrote throughout the drive and had most of it done by the time we arrived at the campground.  If we had a sightseeing day, sometimes that was a little more challenging, especially if there was a lot to see and pictures to take.  Most days we got back from our sightseeing trips around 3:00, so I would sit outside with Auggie enjoying the weather, having an adult beverage, and writing my rough draft.  Then after supper while watching TV, I did my writing on the computer.  I have been writing my blog for 15 years, so I pretty much have it down to a science.  The writing comes pretty easy to me and I love to research the places we visit, so I use that in my blog as well.  It’s still pretty much fun to do, so I keep doing it.) 

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  1. You should have been a journalist Cindy! Everything you post is so interesting & informative. Enjoy “travelling” with you, & looking forward to next year!

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