August 6, 2021 Paducah, KY to Cornersville, TN

We slept in because we had only 180 miles to go today. It was 71 degrees when we got up with sunny skies. Many campers left before 9:00 and the campground cleared out.

We were in the upper level, but when we walked Auggie last night, we walked down in the “holler”. One 5th-wheel that left this morning had a heck of a time pulling it up the hill out of the “holler”. There was a pretty steep hill there.

We had a leisurely morning. Bob did some Co-op business and we were ready to pull out by 10:30. Our KOA campground was located near Paducah on the northern end of Land Between the Lakes. We have camped at Land Between the Lakes recreation area quite a few times.

We have also visited Land Between the Lakes by boat when we brought our boat from Wisconsin to Florida in 2008. It is a wonderful area to camp and/or boat in. Today, as we crossed over the Cumberland River we saw barges working on the river.

The barges would eventually have to go through the Barkley Lock and Dam to go further on down the river. The dam and lock are seen in the background.

We made a pre-planned stop for fuel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) before we crossed the border into Tennessee at 11:30. We did our fuel price check on our app and it was the cheapest in the area at $3.09. Our fuel stop took about 30 minutes because after we fueled up, Bob had to add the DEF to the DEF tank separately. We crossed the border into Tennessee and continued south to Nashville.

Pop-up storms appeared on the radar and the sky darkened a little, but we bypassed the rain going through Nashville. I was running two phones at once–one for the GPS and the other for radar to keep track of the rain. There was traffic congestion going through Nashville, but traffic kept moving and we got through without any problems.

We continued on I-65 south towards Alabama. Our drive today was more scenic through Kentucky and Tennessee. We got a few sprinkles, but nothing that lasted for any length of time.

As we neared the campground, traffic was basically non-existent ahead of us, behind us, and there was no traffic coming towards us in the northbound lane. There was no traffic coming towards us for quite a long time. That seemed very unusual.

Where did the traffic go? We deduced that maybe there was an accident in the northbound lane and the traffic was stopped. That was not the case. After a few minutes, we saw that the traffic in the northbound lane was being held back and slowly led by two trucks with some kind of emblem on them and one sheriff’s vehicle.

We couldn’t figure out why! Traffic was backed up for a couple of miles behind them. Hmmm! We never saw anything like it before!

We arrived at our campground, Texas T Campground, near Cornersville at 2:15. Again, we stayed hooked up for an overnight stay. Bob thought we had stayed here before in our travels and he was right!

Bob checked in at the office and we were given site #9, a pull-thru site.

The rain finally caught up with us. It started to rain lightly as Bob plugged us into electricity. We were able to extend the slides and set up inside as it continued to rain. After about an hour, the rain ended and we were able to hook up to water and give Auggie a walk. Bob made his delicious lamb chops and grilled asparagus for dinner. What a treat!

Tomorrow we head to Montgomery, Alabama for a campground that was recommended to us by our friends, Mark and Jan. We will be there for 5 nights. It will be a welcome relief from our two long drives and overnight stays the last two days.

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