Ozark, AL to Lake City, FL

August 8, 2015

Bob’s been letting me sleep-in the last couple of mornings even though he got up earlier and I appreciate that. We only had about 215 miles to go today, so we weren’t in any big rush, but the campground we were in last night had “sugar ants” they said and the ants were getting into everything. After a quick repair, we were out of there! We pulled out at 9:00 and the temp. had already risen to 88 degrees. It was going to be a hot one and after the rain we had yesterday, it was downright steamy!! We crossed the border into Florida at 10:00.

Woo-hoo!! I love driving through northern and central Florida. There are lots of rolling hills and forests. You don’t see many palm trees. It’s mostly pine trees with some deciduous trees mixed in.

We passed over the Appalachicola River–an inland waterway west of Tallahassee.

Traffic was pretty heavy on I-10 for a Saturday. We crossed from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone around noon and lost an hour. We arrived at our campground, Casey Jones RV Park, at 2:45.

The temperature was 94 degrees with a heat index over 100, so we quickly got set up to get the AC on. We were relaxing in the AC while Auggie staked out his territory at the campsite against all enemies, foreign and domestic, namely squirrels and geckos.

We hung out watching a movie and grilled a later dinner. This is our last night on the road. Tomorrow we’ll be home.

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