Old Orchard Beach, ME Day 3

July 16, 2023 We woke up with the alarm at 7:00 to leave by 9:00. The forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms moving across the area, so we wanted to get an early start. After checking the radar and seeing that we would have to be driving through the heavy thunderstorms on our drive today, we decided to see if we could stay another day in the campground. After calling the office, they said we could stay one more day in our current site. We watched the news and kept checking the weather. Around 9:00, the weather service issued a tornado watch for our area here until 3 PM. The rain was off and on since we got up, but it started to rain steadily at 11:00. Lake George, where we were headed today, had a flood watch for that area. Many of the weekend campers went home early due to the poor weather. Mary and John took a drive to Kennebunkport for the day. We took advantage of the foul weather with nothing to do today and booked our flight for my niece’s wedding in October. I gave Auggie a trim, did some research for our visit to the Great Smoky Mountains/Gatlinburg, and we watched some movies. It was ok to do nothing today. We’re retired, right Ran? It continued to rain most of the night, but the forecast for tomorrow is sunny skies, high of 83. Looks like we’ll have a better drive to Lake George tomorrow.

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