Old Orchard Beach, ME Day 2

July 15, 2023 We took the opportunity to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast. It was cloudy and 76 to start the day. Today would be a “catch up” day. Bob worked on some business for the Co-op and I started the wash. Around noon, Bob and I went on a couple of errands and Mary went along. Our first stop was to the Ace Hardware Store in Scarborough. Bob needed a bolt to replace one that we lost on our drive yesterday. It holds a piece of the body panel in. Our second stop was to Hannaford’s Grocery Store. We were in need of a few items before we more on to Lake George, New York tomorrow. I was hoping to get more of that delicious sweet corn, but they were all out. We needed some soda, breakfast items, and dessert. After our stop there, we had one more place to go. It was recommended by a friend and we wanted to stop and check it out. It was the Way Way Store in Saco.

The Way Way Store was built between 1927-1929 and got it’s name from its remote location being “way way out of town”. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and an example of an early twentieth century road house and store. It is a nostalgic 1920s-50s era gas station and general store.

It contained many old antiques placed among the “penny” candy and the ice cream parlor serving Gifford’s Ice Cream. Gifford’s Ice Cream is made in Maine for New England. Of course, Bob and I had to get a cup of our favorite flavor.

There were many cool things to look at and we spent a deal of time looking at them. There were old posters and signs to read. The original cash register still sits atop the counter.

I had to take home a bottle of Moxie, a drink that has been around since 1884 which is produced by the Coca-Cola Company of Bedford, NH for New England. A friend of mine from NH brought me a bottle to try once and it wasn’t as bad as she said most people think it is. Bob described it as a combination of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and Root Beer. You’d have to give it a try and decide for yourself.

Auggie got a very needed bath. Mary came over to get directions from Bob on how to get to their campground in Jersey City. Although we had to skip that part of our trip due to mechanical problems, we had firsthand knowledge of how to get into the campground while avoiding much of the city itself. Later, Bob and I vacuumed and mopped the floors and did a little needed cleaning inside. I finished the wash and then sat outside with Auggie. The sun had come out and the temp had risen to 81. It was turning out to be a nice day after all. The campground filled up for the weekend as more and more campers arrived throughout the day. We will be on the road early tomorrow for 4 days in Lake George, NY.

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