October 30, 2017 Manatee Springs SP to Palmetto, FL

It was cold this morning at 49 degrees, but it was another clear, sunny day. The high today is only forecast to be 66, so the sunshine is a little deceiving. We did the few things we had to do to get ready to leave and pulled out of the campground at 10:00. Our 4 deer came to visit again this morning before we left. It was nice to be able to watch them in their natural habitat. 

The drive today was only 173 miles, but traffic was very heavy on I-75 for a Monday. We arrived at home at 1:45 and unloaded the trailer of the few items that were still left inside.

We took the trailer over to our storage facility on the outskirts of town and will come back later next week to wash it. 

Auggie was glad to be home and made a beeline for his favorite gecko-hunting spot to say ” I’m back”! The geckos were not happy. We settled in at home and started the unpacking process. The house needs to be opened up and the hurricane shutters taken down. We have to get the boats cleaned up and back into the water. It will take awhile to get back into our routine and have everything put away. We feel so fortunate to be able to travel like we do and see this beautiful country. I am sad that this wonderful adventure has come to an end. We hope that you’ve enjoyed traveling along with us. We sure have lots of good memories to keep us going until our next adventure. Till then….. Happy trails!

Here is a synopsis of our trip:

  • Our trip took us a total of 7,395 miles, all but 5 of those miles were driven by Bob.
  • 1000 of those miles were driven without pulling the trailer while we did some sightseeing.
  • We were traveling for 60 days.
  • We had 2 close calls–one with 2 deer and one with an inattentive driver.
  • We had one roof repair and a necessary truck checkup at the Ford dealer.
  • We had a “near death” experience on the Las Vegas strip.
  • We had one night of frozen pipes. We learned our lesson after that.
  • We took a relaxing boat cruise on Lake Powell.
  • Our hiking boots can attest to many miles of hiking.
  • We experienced many starry nights and cloudless, sunny days. We had no rainy days.
  • I took thousands of pictures.
  • We ate out 3 times. Bob really likes to grill out and cook.
  • We met many interesting people from all over the world.
  • We saw plenty of wildlife.
  • We visited 7 national parks, 1 meteor crater, 2 Florida state parks, 2 dams, numerous Native American Reservations, many historical sites, and saw amazing natural beauty all around us.

We are truly “Happy Campers”!

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