October 24, 2017 Amarillo, TX to Seminole, OK

Well…. Bob set the alarm to get up to take the truck in to have it looked at by the Ford dealer. The appointment was for 7:30. I got up after he left and prepped everything for departure in the hopes that the fix would be easy and we could still leave today. I waited for Bob’s call to give me the verdict. Bob called at 8:40 and said that the high winds yesterday set off a sensor in the steering column and released the cruise control in the truck. Everything checked out in the computer and we are good to go. Bob got back and we pulled out at 9:30. We would be traveling on I-40 all day in Texas. We were surrounded by wind generators. They were everywhere.

 I researched the Texas panhandle and found out that it is one of the fastest growing wind power-producing regions in the country because of their strong, steady winds. We are feeling the effects of that today—winds out of the NNW at 22 mph. There was light traffic and lots of furrowed fields. Crossing into Oklahoma, we saw lots of grazing lands, farm fields, and blowing red dirt.

As we crossed the Canadian River and neared Oklahoma City, the terrain became grassy and hilly. We took the highway right through Oklahoma City.

Traffic wasn’t too bad and the wind dropped off and changed direction. We had a tailwind now, which improved our gas mileage greatly. We spotted this “road art” in downtown Oklahoma City. It was very unique!

We were out in the countryside until we arrived at Catfish Roundup RV park for the night at 3:00.

Things worked out well today with the truck and we had no more problems. It was a beautiful day for a drive, except for the wind, —sunny, cloudless sky, and a temperature in the mid 60’s. We set up camp in site 12 for the night and just relaxed. 

Bob cooked dinner and Auggie and I took a walk. By then, the wind calmed off for the night, but would be back again tomorrow. The forecast is for wind gusts up to 50 here, so we hope to get out of this area early enough to avoid that. We’ll have a relaxing evening.

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