October 2, 2018 Hardeeville, SC to Starke, FL

A rooster crowed multiple times this morning and set the day in motion.  The sun was out in a cloudless sky.  The temp was already warm at 81 degrees and humid.  We have 195 miles to go through all of Georgia to our destination near Gainesville today.  We left at 9:30 to get our driving done before the hottest part of the day.  We crossed the Savannah River which forms the line between South Carolina and Georgia.
The Georgia border sign was just beyond that.
We crossed the salt marsh areas in Georgia near Savannah.  There were miles of them.
They have 8 foot tides in this area and the tide was definitely going out.
We hit a little rain in Georgia.  We haven’t been rained on while driving in a long time.  It rained harder as we neared the Florida border, but ended before we stopped at the Florida Welcome Center for a restroom break and some free orange juice at noon.

This beautiful tiled dolphin was on display there.
We drove through all of Georgia and into Florida on I-95 before switching to I-10 and Highway 301 after Jacksonville.  The skies turned mostly sunny traveling through Florida, but the GPS went wacky.  It showed us traveling in the St. Mary’s River in Jacksonville.
Once we were able to stop, we turned off the truck in the hopes that the GPS would reset itself. No such luck.  We used our phone GPS to help us locate our campground, Starke/Gainesville NE KOA.  
We arrived at 1:30 and were escorted to site #33.
We got set up as we heard thunder rumbling in the distance.  We stayed connected to the truck for the third night.  Auggie and I took a walk, so we could both stretch our legs after the drive.   We got back to the camper just in time before the rain came.  We hung out in the AC for awhile.  It was 84, but very humid.  I guess we’re in Florida.  The campground was nice–very large, grassy sites and a beautiful pool.  We started to do some packing up since this is the last day of our trip, but left the majority of what we had to do for the morning.  More campers arrived as the afternoon wore on.  We had a steak on the grill for our last dinner on the road.  Auggie and I took our usual evening walk and relaxed for the rest of the night.  

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