October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Day 5

We slept in again, if you call 7:00 sleeping in. We had a leisurely morning and Bob made his usual Sunday breakfast. Around 10:00, we left to drive downtown to the Stratosphere to turn in our voucher for our actual tickets for the show tonight and pick out our seats. We also wanted to see where we would be parking tonight. From there, we had to make a trip to Camping World to return some materials from the repair and stop at U-Haul to fill our propane tank. Our last stop was the grocery store. This would be our last chance to stock up in a major city for the next week. We got back to the campground around 1:00. While Bob put some things away outside, I did a thorough cleaning inside the camper. You know…some dusting and vacuuming. It seems there’s never an end to the housework, no matter where you’re living. Today, we’re starting the second month of our trip with a clean “house”. We had an early dinner and left to go downtown around 5:30. The show doesn’t start until 7 PM, but we wanted to have some time to look around. Along the way, we noticed quite a few marijuana dispensaries. We took the 20 minute ride downtown and parked.

While we were looking around inside, we discovered that the Stratosphere has 3 rides that run from the top of the tower.

One is a controlled bungee jump, one is a “see-saw” type ride that puts you over the edge and then flips you back, and the other is an “arm” that swings you out over the edge and spins you around. All death-defying and ALL not for me. We actually saw what we thought was someone falling off of the tower yesterday, but when we zoomed in, we could see that they were on a line and it was part of the tower. We went online to check it out and those rides are just CRAZY! No one in their right mind would do such a thing!!! There were many shops and restaurants in the Stratosphere along with a huge casino.

When it got close to show time, we grabbed a drink at the bar and went inside to the theater. 

We shared a table for 4 with Bill and Brenda from British Columbia. We engaged in conversation before the concert began promptly at 7:00.

The show was fabulous with most of the MJ hits and lots of dancing. The guy who impersonated MJ was very convincing in voice and dance moves.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it! The show lasted about an hour with non-stop singing and dancing. There were autographs and pictures with MJ afterward. We left there after awhile to take the short 2 mile drive to Fremont St. and the Fremont Experience–part of old Vegas.

The Fremont Street Experience consists of about 4 blocks of casinos, restaurants, and bars set under a million light canopy and an amazing sound system.

The area is lined with vintage hotels covered by a giant digital screen.

The digital projection screen is 90ft. above the ground and spans 1500ft. in length, the size of 5 football fields.

The light show runs every hour overhead and lasts about 6 minutes with music.

It’s the ultimate block party with multiple stages of free concerts. Elvis is alive and well and living in Las Vegas.

We walked around for about 2 hours just taking in everything that was going on and doing lots of people watching. There were lots of weird people and acts to watch–some with clothes and some without. It was quite a “circus”.

When our feet got tired and our senses were on overload, we hopped in the car and headed for the campground. I had wanted to go look at the lights on “the Strip” before we went back, but Bob was too tired, so we went straight home. We got back around 10:15 and I gave Auggie his evening walk. We turned on the news before going to bed and heard about the horrific mass shooting on “the Strip” tonight near Mandalay Bay. It was kind of scary since we were also on “the Strip” tonight. Lucky for us, we were on the far north end in the old section of “the Strip”. The shooting occurred on the far south side of “the Strip” near the airport and the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Ironically, we had been in that same area the day before. Good thing we went straight home! We did hear lots of sirens as we made our way back. Little did we know what they were for at the time. Once back in the camper, we rested our feet and then rested our heads. We have about 145 mile drive tomorrow to Virgin, UT near Zion National Park.

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