Oct. 4, 2016 Florida Caverns SP to Suwannee River SP

We were up and on the move around 9:30.  We had about 2 1/2 hours of driving today on the Interstate.  We’ve had fabulous weather the last 2 weeks and today is no exception–sunny skies and a light breeze.  We have been getting some torrential rain back home according to our neighbors, but nary a drop by us.  Upon leaving the park and driving a few miles, we crossed over the Appalachicola River and back into the Eastern Time Zone losing an hour. 

Traffic was light for the most part, except through Tallahassee.  I love traveling through this part of the state with its rolling hills and forests so reminiscent of northern Wisconsin.  We arrived at our destination for the next two days—Suwannee River State Park—around 1:15.

As we neared the campground, Auggie sensed we were getting close and looked out the truck window.

We pulled into the campground and were set up in no time. 

Bob had to spend some time preparing for a conference call to discuss the budget of the Co-op at 3:00.  Auggie and I sat outside and enjoyed the solitude.  We had a huge campsite (#28) and Auggie had a place to roam.

I did some reading while Bob took his call.  Afterward, we enjoyed a cocktail before dinner.  Tomorrow, we’re going to do some hiking in the park to some of the places of interest.  (We are keeping an eye on Hurricane Matthew to see how close it comes to Florida and how much wind we’re expected to get.  Bob doesn’t want to try and pull a trailer in any kind of strong wind on Thursday.  If we have to head home early, we will.  We’ll make that determination in the next day or so.)  Auggie enjoyed checking out his new domain and came to say thanks! 

After dinner, the three of us took a walk over to the park along the banks of the Suwanee River.  It was moving pretty swiftly and we’re excited to hike along the river tomorrow.

Auggie enjoyed his opportunity to run free in the park, from tree to tree, looking for squirrels.  We got back to the trailer as it was getting dark.  We relaxed with a little TV. 

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