Oct. 3, 2016 Florida Caverns SP Day 2

We set the alarm so we could get up to go make reservations for a cave tour at the Visitor’s Center when it opens at 8:45.

There’s no way to know how busy the tours are and they sell out quickly.  There is a limit of 25 people per tour and today was our last chance for a tour.  There are no tours on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We arranged our tour for 10:30 which gave us enough time to walk Auggie and have breakfast.  Well, let me just say that the 45 minute tour was well worth all the effort we put into getting on a tour.  Our guide was informational and humorous–a good combination.  We entered through a door in the side of a hill after walking down quite a few stairs.

Our tour began with oohs and aahs once our eyes got adjusted to the darkness. There were all kinds of formations typical to this kind of cave–stalagmites (from the ground), stalagtites (from the ceiling), cave bacon (formations that look like bacon strips), rimstone pools, draperies, flowstones (look like waterfalls), soda straws, and columns. 

They came in 3 colors–white, caramel, and black. 

It was a treat for the eyes!  Some areas were narrow passageways where you had to crouch down really low.

We visited all the different “rooms” in the cave and exited through another passageway.

We really enjoyed our tour and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in caves.  From there, we took the short drive to the Blue Hole swimming area. 

They recently had a lot of rain with TS Hermine so the Blue Hole was cloudy and green-looking–not too appealing for swimming and very disappointing. 

However, Sugar Mill Run farther upstream had the beautiful blue color. 

After we checked out the museum, we went back to the trailer and had lunch.  We hung out until dinner time and took our evening walk before darkness fell.  It sure gets dark fast now!  Tomorrow we head out to Suwanee River State Park for a couple of days. 

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