Myrtle Beach, SC Day 2

We had a relaxing morning and made some plans for our return trip home after visiting the Outer Banks. About 10:00 we left on our sightseeing trip today. I took a walk on the beach in the early morning hours and joined the other joggers, walkers, and beachcombers who were getting an early start to their day.

I stopped under the pier for a rest and some shade.

Our first stop was the infamous Myrtle Manor from the TV show by the same name.

It was WAY better than what we thought it would be from what we saw on TV. The park is well kept and pretty normal looking, but we just had to find all those Myrtle Manor “highlights” from the show. At the entrance, they sell all the Myrtle Manor souvenirs.

Going down the Main St. entrance, we saw “Tangulls” Beauty Salon.

The lady who runs the salon lives in this cute little place.

There were a few homes painted in tropical hues.

Last, but not least, was the above ground “swimming pool”. It looked like it did on the show.

If you’re not familiar with Myrtle Manor, Google it and see what’s it all about. You can see this reality show this fall on TLC. It’s good for a laugh. From there we drove down to Ocean Boulevard to walk on the new Boardwalk and Promenade.

The Promenade parallels the beach between the 2nd Ave. pier and the 14th Ave. pier.

There were lots of people on the beach today due to sunny skies, light winds, and temps reaching 90 degrees.

The Boardwalk is lined with shops, restaurants, and amusements.

We could see the huge Sky Wheel from where we stood. This 200 ft. tall wheel offers a great vantage point of the Atlantic Ocean.

Across the street, we caught a glimpse of the wooden roller coaster, ornate carousel, and ferris wheel.

Our goal was to find the infamous Gay Dolphin Gift Cove–a novelty store beyond all novelty stores. This multi-level emporium has a staggering array of stuff. There are at least 4 different levels, that reach across the block from the street to the beach. This is Myrtle Beach’s oldest souvenir shop. Bob kept asking how they could ever take inventory in a place like this. It was unbelievable how much stuff they had. It you couldn’t find what your were looking for there, you wouldn’t find it anywhere.

We spent about an hour walking around and then started heading back to the campground. We passed the Zip Line area, but I couldn’t talk Bob into trying it.

I spotted the Nerd Bar, but we didn’t have the right glasses to get in!

Farther out of town, we saw this roller coaster that looked a lot worse than the first one we saw.

We crossed over the ICW where we had come by boat 2 years ago. There was a boat below making the same trip.

We passed a “Mustang Car Show” right along the highway. We had never seen so many Mustangs in one place. There must have been at least 1000 Mustangs displayed there. Wow!

We stopped at Camper’s World to check on getting a new electric trailer tongue jack, which happened to be on sale. Lucky for us! We also picked up an outdoor camping rug for those sandy or muddy campsites. Bob also bought me an early anniversary gift of two pink plastic flamingoes. I have been searching high and low for those for over 2 months. Now I can display them at our campsite wherever we are. Thanks, honey!

Our last stop was at Kroger’s Grocery Store for a couple of items. This handicapped shopping cart was blocking a parking space, so Bob became the good samaritan and moved it. I think he really liked doing it!

Once we got back, Bob worked on setting up the satellite TV and Auggie and I sat in the shade and enjoyed the breeze. I took a walk down to the beach to see all the people there. More people were hanging out at the beach today than yesterday.

Bob and I hopped in the truck and took the short ride to Bimini’s–the local hangout–for happy hour where the 12 raw oysters are $4.95 and beers are $2. Can’t beat that!

We returned to the camper to cook dinner and relax. Bob and I took a walk down to the beach around 8:00 and low tide. The usual evening walkers were there. Later, we relaxed with a little TV. Tomorrow we move on to Cedar Island for one night before we catch the ferry to the Outer Banks on Thursday morning.

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