May 25, 2022 Moab, UT Day 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOB! Today is all about Bob. It’s his birthday and he is in command of the day! We took it easy this morning and left about 10:30 to look around town. Bob wanted to get some info about Jeeping trails before we hit the 4_WD roads, so we went into town and stopped at the Information Center. We picked up some brochures and pamphlets about Jeep trails in the area. From there, we went to the south end of town to check out the restaurant, Suzie’s Branding Iron, that we want to try tomorrow for Navajo fry bread tacos. Bob went in to confirm that it truly is what we were looking for.

From there, we went back into downtown. parked, and did some shopping. We both bought a t-shirt and looked around in many of the other shops. We decided to stop in at Raz’s Bar and Grill for a beer and an appetizer. We sat in the outdoor area at the street and enjoyed our cold draft beer and fried pickles. This vehicle was parked right behind us when we got back to the Jeep. There are a lot of these vehicles in town that people use to ride the dirt trails around here. Some are very extreme, but it does look like fun. We’ll stick to our Jeep though.

From the restaurant, we had a good view of the snow on the mountains. The views around here are amazing!

We got back to the bus around 1:00 to relax and enjoy the beautiful view and the solitude. Bob commented on how nice it was not to drive any long distance today. Since it was his birthday. we did whatever he wanted to do. We sat outside with Auggie who was tethered to Bob’s 5 lb. barbell. We was checking out what was in the bushes.

Bob read up on some of the Jeep trails and I just chilled in the sun. The skies were so clear and blue. There was no smoke or haze to obscure the view of the mountains.

The sun was out and the temp was a very comfortable 81 with 11% humidity. We had cocktails before dinner enjoying the afternoon. Bob wanted to cook dinner at home, so we had filet and garlic shrimp with mashed potatoes and corn. Bob picked out a Boston Cream Cake for dessert. I wanted to go out for dinner, but he wanted to cook, so tomorrow we’ll go have those Navajo tacos we’ve been talking about. After dinner, we took our walk around the campground to see who had arrived today. Bob had a birthday just how he likes it–low key, resting, and relaxing.

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