Minocqua to Crescent Lake

July 16, 2015

I woke up before Bob, so Auggie and I sat together and worked on my blog until the Internet went down at the campground. We took our time packing up after a quick run to the shopping center for a few groceries. We pulled out of the campground at 10:00 and took Highway 47 to Crescent Lake. The sun was out and it was a warm 72 degrees. There was rain in the forecast for late this afternoon or evening. We took the short 45 minute drive to David (Bob’s brother) and Jean’s lake house on Crescent Lake, near Rhinelander and arrived at 11:00. We knew we had arrived when we saw this sign.

We backed the trailer into the driveway and set up.

We were able to hook up to their water and electricity from the house which was nice. Jean gave me a tour of the house which has a beautiful living room with a fireplace facing the water.

The back deck also overlooks the lake with a walkout door from below that takes you out into the yard.

Mary(sister), David(brother), Jean(sister-in-law), Bob, and I sat around and chatted for awhile. David offered to take us out on the pontoon boat for a ride around the lake. We grabbed our jackets and fleeces for the ride, since the wind was blowing towards the house in our direction and it was kind of chilly. We had a wonderful, relaxing ride around the lake, looking at all the beautiful lake homes surrounding it. At times it was warm enough to take off our jackets when we were out of the wind.

When we got back to the house, the docking went smoothly even though the wind was against us. David and Jean made a great team bringing the boat safely to the dock. I checked out the teepee that they had begun to create in the backyard.

After returning to the house, Mary, Jean, Auggie, and I took a walk down the shady road about a mile to the highway and back. We stopped to look at one of the houses that was for sale along the road, but we weren’t able to see inside. It was a really nice piece of lake property. Once we got back to the house, it was “happy hour” so we relaxed a little before going to dinner. It started to rain lightly just like the weatherman said. Around 5:00, we all hopped in our truck and Bob drove us to the Woodpecker Bar and Grill for dinner.

It was a great local bar! Bob and Mary had a Woodpecker burger. David and Jean had a great looking pizza and I had 50 cent BBQ wings. I’ve never seen such big, meaty wings in my life! They were delicious! Beers were $1.50 and the Old Fashioneds were $3.50! What a deal! It was a great place to go!

We stopped for some nightcrawlers on the way back so the guys could do some fishing tomorrow and then returned home. It continued to rain lightly for most of the evening. Mary and Jean taught us a new card game called Cards Against Humanity and we taught them how to play the card game Maneuver (or Manure as Mary called it). Auggie fell asleep in my arms and so we called it a night and went back to the trailer around 9:30. It continued to rain most of the evening. Bob’s other brothers, John and Steve and Steve’s wife, Janet, will arrive around noon tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be warm and sunny for the rest of the weekend. It should be perfect for some water activities and spending time outdoors with everyone.

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