Middletown, NY to Williamsport, MD

We got an early start and were gone by 8:30. The sun was out with partly cloudy skies. The temp was a refreshing 65 degrees. Traffic was very light for a Saturday this early in the day. We continued to climb up and over the hills in NY with great views across the valleys.

The clouds hung low in some areas of the valleys as the sun warmed everything up.

We crossed the border into PA where the road conditions deteriorated drastically.

We traversed the entire state of PA through the Pocono Mountains for part of the way with beautiful vistas of the valleys below.

Some of the climbs were quite steep.

As the day wore on, the traffic volume increased and we hit a few areas of construction.

Many sections of the highway cut through the mountains exposing jagged rocks.

This mountain top stuck out above the surrounding valley. It looked like it was misplaced.

The scenery was quite beautiful and different around every bend. 

We crossed over the Susquehanna River where we noticed a train going over the railroad bridge farther down the river.

The temp reached 78 degrees, cooler than the last few days, but nice nonetheless. Once we passed through the mountains, we entered the valley where we traveled in MD for most of the afternoon. The mountain range ran parallel to us in the distance to the west of us. We arrived at our KOA campground at 3:30 and checked in.

We were both tired from the drive (Bob moreso because he actually DID the driving), so we just relaxed until dinner. Our trip today was 278 miles. Auggie got a lot of attention from all the kids and dogs at the campground. He loved it!

The weather co-operated today so Bob cooked a steak on the grill for dinner and Auggie got his after-dinner walk to the dog park. 

The campground was celebrating their 50th KOA Anniversary by having live music tonight. We were serenaded by Men and Machine while we sat at our campsite from 6-9. We could enjoy cocktails at our campsite while the band played at the centrally located playground for all to hear. 

They had activities for the kids and adults during the day at a hayride (minus the hay) at night. 

They will offer breakfast tomorrow morning. Too bad we’ll be gone before they start serving. Oh well, it was a great evening and a change of pace from our usual routine.

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