Middletown, NY to Hampton Hills, NH

The sun was shining as we opened the door at 7 AM this morning.  It was the first time we could use the screen door without AC since we left.  How wonderful–the simple pleasures in life!  It felt cooler and refreshing.  Auggie got his morning romp through the field and we started packing up.  The skies became cloudy and the weather report is telling us that this will be the final day of this hot spell that has been plaguing most of the country.  A cold front will move through tomorrow and temps will be more seasonal–highs in the 80’s.  We pulled out of the campground at 8:30 and drove the 10 miles back to the Interstate.  We drove about 20 miles before crossing over the Hudson River.

We paid the $3.50 toll (car with trailer) after crossing the 3 lane bridge and continued on past the HUGE prison.  I discovered later that it was Sing Sing, a maximum security prison where 614 prisoners were executed before the state stopped doing death by electrocution.

We stopped at a wayside to do a tire check.  This was the third wayside in 2 days in 3 states that we stopped at where the local church group was doing an Outreach program offering free coffee, donuts, and hot dogs to travelers to improve driving safety.  What a nice idea!  We crossed into Conneticut and things became more congested–more populated.

Log Dog passed us.  That’s what it said on his license plate anyhow.  He drove a truck with a truck bed made of logs.  Even the mud flaps and running boards were made of logs.  Very unique!

We re-routed ourselves to avoid driving through downtown Hartford, CT (capital) and rejoined I-84 through the rest of CT.  We made a gas stop before we left CT and got on the toll road.  We determined we were getting 11.6 mpg on the last tank of gas since we started traveling a little slower.  We crossed over into MA where we had to take the Massachusetts Turnpike for 28 miles.  We stopped at the tollbooth and received a ticket which we had to submit when we got off.  From that, they determine how much toll we will pay for the portion of turnpike that we traveled on.  Bob commented that whatever the toll was, it was worth it to travel on this nice road.  It cost us $.65 for 12 miles.  Not bad!

We ate lunch on the road to save time.  We had a few raindrops dot our windshield, but nothing for very long.  Traffic was heavy near Boston, but thinned out nicely as we turned north toward New Hampshire.

Once we crossed into NH, we stopped to fill up with gas before getting to the campground.  We like to leave in the morning with a full tank of gas to start the day’s travels.  We drove through Hampton Hills to find our campground.  Hampton Hills is a quaint, upscale town with beautiful old buildings and huge houses.

We arrived at Wakeda Campground in Hampton Hills at 2:30.  

After checking in, we made our way to campsite D-16. We backed in and kept the truck attached.

This campground has 400 wooded campsites.  It is a little “town” all on its own.  The campsites are surrounded by huge pine trees and lots of activity areas.  There are many permanent “campers” among a few of the transient ones like us.  We set up camp and relaxed a little after the drive of 240 miles today.  Before dinner, we took Auggie for a nice walk around the campground.  

He got to meet many dogs and some very nice people.  After our walk, we cooked dinner and relaxed.  Bob called it a night earlier than me.  He was wiped out from the drive.  I worked a little longer on my blog and then went to bed.  One more day and we’ll be in Maine!!

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