May 8, 2022 Fredericksburg, TX Day 6

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS OUT THERE. We have been in Texas 2 weeks already and have 9 more days to go, y’all! We woke this morning to hazy, grey skies. Last night, the weather forecaster warned of smoke in the air today. Bob cooked our usual Sunday breakfast and then we did a little housekeeping. We vacuumed, washed the floors, and did some general cleaning and tidying up. Bob paid some bills online and we did some trip planning for tomorrow’s drive. All morning we watched as more and more campers pulled out to head for home or places unknown. We saw 11 that we could actually count as they came past our window. I’m sure there were more that left that we didn’t see. It’s typical for the campground to clear out on Sunday as the local people have to get back to work on Monday. By noon, the temp was pushing 97, but there was a nice breeze. I’m sure we’ll hit over 100 again today. We hung out until around 2:00 and while we were getting ready to leave, Bob answered the door to discover a floral delivery guy standing there ready to hand him a bouquet. It was from Anne, James, and the grandkids for my birthday and Mother’s Day. WHAT A LOVELY SURPRISE!

We found out that James tracked down the address to the campground and had the flowers sent here. What a guy! We talked to the kids and left for downtown. We stopped at the Rathskeller where we planned to have lunch only to find out that they were closed today. Hmmm! We got on our phones to find another German restaurant to have a late lunch/early dinner. There were a few to choose from, so we picked Der Lindenbaum, just a few doors down from the Rathskeller.

We entered and found a quaint little German restaurant inside.

We both ordered a bratwurst platter and it came with 2 brats, German potato salad, sauerkraut, plus the special mustard. They said that they didn’t even have ketchup. That would have been a travesty to put ketchup on the bratwurst.

We enjoyed our meals and walked across the street to the Auslander, another German eatery but with a Texas vibe, specializing in dishes from the state of Bavaria.

The main dining room was busy!

We sat in the open air bar near the Biergarten and each ordered a Bitburger beer.

The bartender wanted us to try a sample of Warsteiner beer. It was very tasty, too.

We enjoyed our beers and then left there to make one last stop at Walmart and the post office to mail a couple of cards. On the way out of town, we spotted a “rock crawler” parked on Main St. Walking back to the Jeep, we saw another one leaving town. There might be a rock climbing competition nearby.

We went back to the campground and waited for the day to cool off a bit. The thermometer said 99 when we got back, but after awhile it started to drop, one degree at a time. The campground seemed a lot emptier now after all the weekenders left. We skipped dinner since we were full from lunch and I sat outside with Auggie. After his walk, it was nice enough outside to watch some TV on the outside screen. We hooked up the Jeep tonight and got things put away for our departure. Tomorrow we move on to Ft. Stockton. TX, which is just a one-night stopover on our way to Big Bend National Park where we’ll spend a week. We have enjoyed our stay here in Fredericksburg a lotI.

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